Alaska Native Special Section
2019 Alaska Native Corporations Directory
Alaska Native Special Section
2019 Alaska Native Corporations Directory
Alaska Native Special Section
2019 Alaska Native Corporations Directory

elcome to the 2019 Alaska Native Corporations Directory. This year we sent surveys to both the regional and village corporations in order to provide an even more comprehensive listing of Alaska’s native organizations. We appreciate all of the time and effort put into gathering and reporting this data to us, and we look forward to this list becoming even more robust in years to come. For more directory content and information, please visit

Afognak Native Corporation

Afognak Native Corporation, Alutiiq, and their subsidiaries provide an exceptional track record of services in the government and commercial sectors worldwide, including: leasing; construction; timber; engineering; security; logistics, operations, and maintenance; oilfield; and youth services.

Top Executive: Greg Hambright, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 4,546/151
Acreage: 248,000
Number of Shareholders: 1,185
Subsidiaries: Shields Point, Alutiiq Advanced Security Solutions, Alutiiq Construction Services, Alutiiq Education & Training, Alutiiq Essential Services Alutiiq General Contractors, Alutiiq International Solutions, Alutiiq Professional Services, Alutiiq Security & Technology, Alutiiq Commercial Enterprises, Alutiiq 3SG, Alutiiq Technical Services, Alutiiq Pacific, Alutiiq Diversified Services, Alutiiq Management Services, Alutiiq Manufacturing Contractors, Alutiiq-Mele, Alutiiq Professional Training, Alutiiq Global Solutions, Afognak Near Island, Afognak Arctic Development, Afognak C Street, Marka Bay, Alutiiq Business Services, Alutiiq Logistics & Maintenance Services, Alutiiq Solutions, Alcyon, Inc., Alutiiq Information Management, Alutiiq Career Ventures, Afognak Leasing, McCallie Associates, Inc., Oxbow Data Management Systems, Alutiiq Leasing Company, Alutiiq Employee Leasing, Alutiiq Professional Consulting, Alutiiq, Red Peak Technical Services

300 Alimaq Dr. Kodiak, AK 99615

Ahtna, Inc.

Ahtna’s principle activities include construction, engineering, environmental, facilities management, surveying, security, military training, janitorial, healthcare and medical records management, government contracting, land management and resource development, and oil and gas pipeline services.

Top Executive: Michelle Anderson, President
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 1,101/292
Acreage: 1.5 million
Number of Shareholders: 2,065
Subsidiaries: Ahtna Development Corp., Ahtna Facility Services, Inc., Ahtna Support & Training Services, Ahtna Government Services Corp., Ahtna Construction & Primary Products Company, Ahtna Design Build, Inc., Ahtna Professional Services, Inc., Ahtna Environmental, Inc., Ahtna Technologies, Inc., AKHI, Ahtna Global, Ahtna Logistics, Tolsona Oil & Gas Exploration, Ahtna Engineering Services, AAA Valley Gravel, Ahtna Netiye’, Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies, Ahtna Integrated Services, Ahtna Marine & Construction Company, Ahtna Solution

PO Box 649, Glennallen, AK 99588

Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc.

Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. (AKI) is an Alaska Native Village Corporation specializing in commercial real estate, private equity, government products and services, tourism, and lands management.

Top Executive: Michael Bradshaw, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 11/3
Acreage: 77,000
Number of Shareholders: 278

1400 W. Benson Blvd. #425, Anchorage, AK 99503

Aleut Corporation

Federal contracting; O&M; instrumentation for oil and gas industry; mechanical contracting; radiological laboratory analysis, field testing, land remediation; commercial and residential real estate; fuel sales and storage; oil well testing services; information technology; and construction services.

Top Executive: Thomas Mack,
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 902/115
Acreage: 1.577 million /77,000
Number of Shareholders: 3,911
Subsidiaries: Aleut Enterprises, Aleut Management Services, Aleut Real Estate, Alaska Instrument, C&H Testing, Patrick Mechanical, ARS International

4000 Old Seward Hwy., Ste 300, Anchorage, AK 99503

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

In 2018, ASRC subsidiaries acquired four new companies: F.D. Thomas, Inc.; Brad Cole Construction; Mavo Systems; and Hudspeth & Associates, Inc. Since the start of 2019, ASRC subsidiaries acquired National Environmental Group; Niles Construction Services; and K2 Industrial Services.

Top Executive: Rex A. Rock Sr., President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 15,000/3,400
Acreage: ~5 million
Number of Shareholders: 12,900
Subsidiaries: ASRC Construction Holding Company, Petro Star, Eskimos, Inc., Tundra Tours, Inc., Alaska Growth Capital BIDCO, Little Red Services, Inc., ASRC Industrial Services, ASRC Energy Services, Petro Star Inc., ASRC Federal Holding Company

PO Box 129, Barrow, AK 99723

Bering Straits Native Corporation

BSNC wholly owns 25 subsidiary companies that provide services to both commercial and government clients in the following primary lines of business: professional services, base operations and logistics support services, hardware retail and wholesale distribution, construction.

Top Executive: Gail R. Schubert, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 1,560/413
Acreage: 2.1 million
Number of Shareholders: 8,000
Subsidiaries: Inuit Services Inc.,Bering Straits Aerospace Services, Bering Straits Logistics Services, Bering Straits Information Technology, Bering Straits Technical Services, Eagle Eye Electric, Ayak, Global Support Services, Global Management Services, Iyabak Construction, Global Asset Technologies, Global Precision Systems, Bering Straits Development Co., Global Technical Services, Alaska Industrial Hardware, Inc., Paragon Professional Services, Arcticom, Alaska Gold Company, Aurora Inn & Suites, Stampede Ventures, Inc., Bering Global Solutions, Bering Straits Global Innovations, Bering Straits Professional Services, Sound Quarry, Inc.

3301 C St., Suite 400, Anchorage, AK 99503

Bethel Native Corporation

Bethel Native Corporation generates income and cash flow through four primary sources: contracting revenues earned by active business operating companies managed through its wholly owned subsidiaries; income from investments; rental income; and appreciation from investment properties.

Top Executive: Anastasia Hoffman, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 120/50
Number of Shareholders: 2,000
Subsidiaries: Bethel Native Corporation, Bethel Services, Inc., Bethel Federal Services, Bethel Environmental Solutions, Bethel Contracting, Bethel Builders, Bethel Engineering and Consulting

PO Box 719, Bethel, AK 99559

Brevig Mission Native Corporation

Buy and sell groceries, house hold supplies, cleaning supplies, insect repellants, kitchen aids, dinnerware, toys.

Top Executive: Sara Seetot, President
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 12/12
Number of Shareholders: 263

PO Box 85024, Brevig Mission, AK 99785

Bristol Bay Native Corporation

Industrial services, construction, government services, tourism, and natural resources.

Top Executive: Jason Metrokin, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 4,020/1,590
Acreage: 3,128,084.59
Number of Shareholders: 10,480
Subsidiaries: Bristol Bay Industrial, Kakivik Asset Management, CCI Industrial Services, Peak Oilfield Service Company, Alaska Directional Drilling, PetroCard, Bristol Alliance Fuels, Government Services Group, Bristol Industries, CCI Alliance, SES Group, Bristol Bay Shared Services, Bristol Adventures, Katmai Air, Katmailand, Bristol Bay Mission Lodge

111 W. 16th Ave., Suite 400, Anchorage, AK 99501

Cape Fox Corporation

Cape Fox’s portfolio includes commercial businesses specializing in Alaska lodging, restaurants and tourism, and Federal government contracting businesses with capabilities in professional staffing, systems engineering, medical services, IT, communications, acquisition, HR, and construction.

Top Executive: Chris Luchtefeld, CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 820/201
Acreage: 23,000
Number of Shareholders: 356
Subsidiaries: Cape Fox Shared Services, Cape Fox Federal Integrators, Cape Fox Facilities Services, Saxman One, Eagle Health, Concentric Methods, NAVAR, Cape Fox Lodge, Ketchikan Title Agency, Cape Fox Tours, Cape Fox Professional Services, Dockside Galley, Sweet Mermaids

3000 C St., Suite 301, Anchorage, AK 99503

Chenega Corporation

Government services include military, intelligence, and operations support; security; environmental; healthcare; facilities; and professional services. Commercial services include communications contracting, home healthcare services, technology contracting, and food service industry.

Top Executive: Charles W. Totemoff, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 5,704/284
Acreage: 38,895
Number of Shareholders: 203

3000 C St., Suite 301, Anchorage, AK 99503

Choggiung, Limited

Commercial real estate and hospitality; government and commercial services; construction, professional services, information technology, mechanical maintenance and repair.

Top Executive: Cameron Poindexter, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 329/109
Acreage: ~382,000
Number of Shareholders: 2,280
Subsidiaries: Choggiung Investment Company, Bristol Inn, Bayside Diner, Inland Empire Fire Protection, Umyuaq Technology, Intelligent Technology, Bristol Alliance of Companies

PO Box 330, Dillingham, AK 99576

Chugach Alaska Corporation

Chugach provides opportunities to its shareholders through a portfolio of operating businesses, investments, and land and resource development projects.

Top Executive: Gabriel Kompkoff, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 5,700/1,000
Acreage: ~1 million acres: 378,000 acres of full fee estate, 550,000 acres of subsurface
Number of Shareholders: 2,758
Subsidiaries: Rex Electric & Technologies, Heide & Cook, All American Oilfield, Chugach Alaska Services, Chugach Tuullek, Chugach Professional Oilfield Services, Chugach Commercial Holdings, Chugach Government Solutions, Chugach Investment Holdings, Chugach Government Services, Wolf Creek Federal Services, Chugach Management Services, Chugach Consolidated Solutions, Chugach Industries, Chugach World Services, Chugach Information Technology, Defense Base Services, Chugach Federal Solutions, Chugach Education Services, Chugach Technical Solutions, Chugach Training & Educational Solutions, Chugach Systems Integration

3800 Centerpoint Dr., Suite 1200, Anchorage, AK 99503

Cook Inlet Region, Inc.

Government services, real estate, energy and infrastructure, natural resources, private equities and investment securities, and oilfield services.

Top Executive: Sophie Minich,
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 80/80
Acreage: 650,000/ 1.3 million
Number of Shareholders: 8,965
Subsidiaries: CIRI Land Development Co., North Wind Group, Fire Island Wind, Cruz Energy Services, Cruz Marine

PO Box 93330, Anchorage, AK 99509

Doyon, Limited

Doyon Drilling, Doyon Tourism, Doyon/ARAMARK JV, Doyon Government Group, Arctic Information Technology, Inc., designDATA, Doyon Associated, Doyon Anvil, Doyon Utilities, Doyon Remote Facilities & Services, Northern Laundry, Doyon Facilities.

Top Executive: Aaron Schutt, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 866/589
Acreage: 11,561,967.37
Number of Shareholders: 20,124
Subsidiaries: Doyon Oil Field Services, Inc., Doyon Government Contracting, Inc., Doyon Natural Resources Development Corporation, Northern Laundry Services, Doyon Tourism, Northstar Manager, Mid-Alaska Pipeline

Suite 300, Fairbanks, AK 99701-294

Kijik Corporation

NCSA Corporation for the Village of Nondalton.

Top Executive: Ventura Samaniego, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 2/2
Number of Shareholders: 500
Subsidiaries: Kijik Aviation Services, Kijik Technical Services, Qizhjeh Heritage Institute, International Data Systems, RISE Communications

801 B St., Ste 401-B, Anchorage, AK 99507

Kikiktagruk Inupiat Corp.

Facility management, retail sales, construction, base operations, remediation work, and joint ventures.

Top Executive: Thomas Kennedy, CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 120/35
Acreage: 1
Number of Shareholders: 2,100
Subsidiaries: KIC Construction, KIC Facilities Management, KIC Development, KIC Logistics, Alaska Universal Services, Midnight Sun Global Services, Midnight Sun Technologies, JLL-Midnight Sun IFMS

1225 E. International Airport Rd., Ste 110 Anchorage, AK 99518

King Cove Corporation

Top Executive: Della Trumble, CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 20/14
Acreage: 109,0000
Number of Shareholders: 440
Subsidiaries: King Cove Holdings, Delta Point, Last Hook Off Bar, Fox Island Fuel, Fleets Inn Motel, Heart Lake Apartments

PO Box 38, King Cove, AK 99612


Koniag’s business sectors include: information technology services, government contracting services, energy and water, tourism, natural resource development, and real estate.

Top Executive: Ron Unger, CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 1,110/87
Acreage: ~145,000
Number of Shareholders: 4,128
Subsidiaries: Digitized Schematic Solutions, Frontier Systems Integrator, Koniag Services, Inc., Professional Computing Resources, Inc., XMCO, Inc., Dowland-Bach Corporation, Koniag Information Security Services, Granite Cove Quarry, Koniag Technology Solutions, Inc., Nunat Holdings, Near Island Building, Karluk Wilderness Adventures dba Kodiak Brown Bear Center and dba Karluk River Cabins, PacArctic, Open Systems Technology, Arlluk Technology Solutions, Eagle Harbor Solutions, Kadiak, Tuknik Government Services, Glacier Services, Inc., Koniag Government Services, Koniag Management Solutions, Koniag Commercial Holdings

194 Alimaq Dr., Kodiak, AK 99615

Levelock Natives Limited

Top Executive: Alexander Tallekpalek, President
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 3/3
Acreage: 108,528
Number of Shareholders: 228

PO Box 109, Levelock, AK 99625


NANA and our family of companies are leaders in mining and resource development, engineering and construction, food and facilities management, camp services, security, logistics, and federal contracting services.

Top Executive: Wayne Westlake, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 13,147/4,148
Acreage: 2.28 million
Number of Shareholders: 14,500
Subsidiaries: NANA Development Corporation

PO Box 49, Kotzebue, AK 99752

Paug-Vik Incorporated, Limited

Land resources, property management and development.

Top Executive: Bill Hill, President
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 8/7
Acreage: 130,000
Number of Shareholders: 662
Subsidiaries: Paug-Vik Development Corporation

PO Box 61, Naknek, AK 99633

Shaan-Seet, Incorporated

Shaan Seet operates a hotel and residential lots; we sell rock; offer storage for boats, trucks, connex containers, etc.

Top Executive: Edward Douville, President/GM
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 9/9
Number of Shareholders: 586

PO Box 690, Craig, AK 99921

Sitnasuak Native Corporation

Sitnasuak has four subsidiaries in diverse business activities. Products and services include tactical apparel for military and public safety service men and women, cybersecurity IT, fuel distribution, retail store sales, title and escrow services, and property rentals and development.

Top Executive: Roberta “Bobbi” Quintavell, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 1,500/101
Acreage: 242,544.09
Number of Shareholders: 2,900
Subsidiaries: SNC Technical Services, Fidelity Title Agency Alaska, GBS, Nanuaq, Nanuaq Development, Sitnasuak Properities, Aurora Industries, API, SNC Manufacturing, Bonanza Fuel, Mat-Su Title Agency, Sitnasuak Financial Services, Mat-Su Title, Mocean Holding Company, Bonanza FuelPO Box 905, Nome, AK 99762

PO Box 49, Kotzebue, AK 99752

Tyonek Native Corporation

Tyonek WorldWide Services, a subsidiary of Tyonek Services Group and Tyonek Native Corporation, was awarded a $2.4 billion contract to provide logistics support and services to the US Army.

Top Executive: Leo Barlow, CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 1,150/32
Acreage: 201,341.48
Number of Shareholders: 940
Subsidiaries: Tyonek Services Group, Inc., Tyonek Manufacturing Group, Inc., Tyonek Construction Group, Inc.

1689 C St., Suite 219, Anchorage, AK 99501

Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation

Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC) is one of Alaska’s largest companies and is headquartered in Utqiaġvik—the northernmost point in America. As an Alaska Native Corporation, UIC provides social and economic resources to more than 2,900 Iñupiat shareholders and their descendants.

Top Executive: Delbert Rexford, President/CEO
Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 3,134/376
Acreage: 212,000
Number of Shareholders: 2,806
Subsidiaries: UIC Construction, Rockford Corporation, UIC Sanatu, UIC Construction ASRC Eskimo’s, Umiaq Design, Kautaq Construction Services, UIC Oil & Gas Support, Umiaq Environmental, Bowhead Transport Company, Qayaq Marine Transportation, UIC Science, UIC Municipal Services, UIC Real Estate, UIC Business Enterprises

PO Box 890, Utqiaġvik, AK 99723

2019 Alaska Native Corporations Directory