“Content Marketing Conundrum”
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By Charles Bell
Vice President of Sales


ccording to a research study by IPG Media Lab and Forbes, memory recall for sponsored content is twice as long as for traditional advertisements. Sponsored content also improves brand favorability and increases the likelihood of developing new business opportunities.

In the pages of Alaska Business, sponsored content appears in the form of Business Profiles or our HR Matters and Legal Speak features, all clearly marked as sponsored content.

From a marketing perspective, sponsored content will support your strategic goals by positioning your business as an industry thought leader or expert. The content is customized to fit your needs and looks like editorial content. Business Profiles come with additional benefits like physical reprints, a shareable link to our digital edition, and even a great-looking wall plaque to class up your office space!

In a recent article titled Content Marketing Conundrum in MediaPost, industry expert Tony Silber contributed this quote which sums up sponsored content nicely.

“It’s been shown repeatedly in studies that marketing that uses a journalistic format is very effective. The approach confers credibility, accessibility, and trust. It’s perfect for research or thought leadership. It’s focused not on what the marketer has to sell, but information of value to the reader.”

If you would like to explore ways to position your company as an industry leader, give our advertising team a call to discuss how sponsored content can help your business.

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