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Keep What Matters Moving

a Groeneveld-BEKA Lubrication Systems location with five heavy duty trucks parked in front

In October, Groeneveld-BEKA Lubrication Solutions opened a new Anchorage store location that makes it easier for Alaska businesses to leverage its premier products. The facility not only enhances the availability of local service and support but also expands access to Automatic Lubrication solutions that are created for specific applications. “We will be able to quickly outfit new and previously owned equipment for our customers and service any other equipment needs regardless if they have a system,” says Tim Wynia, CEO of Groeneveld-BEKA North America. “We have a wealth of experience, a lot of knowledge for every application that we serve, and a tested product that can withstand any environment.”

Not One-size-fits-all
Groeneveld-BEKA—which has been serving Alaska for thirty years through its Seattle location—manufactures and installs automated lubrication systems, oil management systems, for on-road equipment, off-road machinery, industrial facilities, and almost anything that requires preventive maintenance. The company’s products have broad application and are well-suited for the transportation, construction, oil and gas, mining, fishing, forestry, and renewable energy industries. “We supply automated lubrication systems to a variety of businesses across all industries,” Wynia says. “Any equipment that people are manually greasing, we have an application for that.”

Groeneveld-BEKA, a Timken Company, has been manufacturing and installing automated lubrication solutions for more than fifty years. With an expansive global footprint and strong presence in North America, Groeneveld-BEKA has more than thirty technicians in the United States and over 100 employees to meet customers’ needs. Its high-end systems are typically offered factory direct through many premium global manufacturers.

As such, Groeneveld-BEKA solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Each system is engineered to the exact piece of equipment it is installed on to optimize performance. Additionally, the company’s own technicians complete the installations and maintain the equipment, which helps ensure the highest quality control.

Increases Uptime and the Bottom Line
Whether they are being employed for oil and gas, trucking, construction, or mining, Groeneveld-BEKA products significantly improve equipment life and reliability while reducing the total cost of ownership. They provide consistent and optimal lubrication—normally while the machine is in operation—which saves grease and valuable time, extends bearing life up to three times longer, and minimizes maintenance expenses. “When you couple just the maintenance savings and productivity time, your payback with one of our systems could easily be within the first six to eight months,” Wynia says.

In essence, Groeneveld-BEKA systems help fleet managers, business owners, and owner operators have greater ROI, efficiency, safety—and peace of mind. These are critical benefits, especially in a time where production demands are high, service technicians are hard to locate, and repair costs are higher than ever because of supply issues. “Automated lubrication makes more sense and increases your bottom line on levels you may have not yet explored,” Wynia says. “The cost of one preventable equipment failure is often more than the cost of a complete lubrication system installed. It’s about protecting your investment. We help you keep what matters moving.”

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