Alaska Trends


his year, celebrating the transportation industry in June seems particularly well-timed; despite a global pandemic, our transportation professionals have kept shelves stocked and people moving (whenever moving people couldn’t be avoided) while adhering to strict cleanliness and safety protocols. Through it all, Alaskans have been able to rely on an industry that takes its responsibilities to the communities it serves seriously.

It requires infrastructure, equipment, and expertise to “Keep Alaska Moving,” so for our June Alaska Trends we’re presenting a little more information about transportation in the Last Frontier. The facts presented here are sourced from Department Fast Facts: Prepared for Legislative Session 2020 by the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities.

clipart of plane leaving an airport
There are 239 Airports in the Alaska Aviation System, Making it the largest aviation system in North America
The alaska marine highway consists of 35 ports
clipart of multiple ferries and their paths
12 Ferries serve the alaska marine Highway
761 Landing Areas
are recorded in Alaska (public, private & military)
There are 1,020 bridges in Alaska inspected by the DOT&PF
clipart of bridge over statistics and water
THE DOT&PF MAINTAINS 3,761 paved and 1,873 UNpaved center line miles of roads & highways
clipart for data of paved and unpaved roads
clipart of multiple boats on a path
The alaska marine highway is 3,500 route miles long
clipart of a blue Aircraft
8,742 Aircraft are registered in Alaska
clipart of human outline with paper airplane
7,949 active pilots are registered in Alaska
clipart of a blue Seaplane on water
109 Seaplane Bases Alaska has the largest number of seaplaNe bases in the united states
82% of Alaska’s Communities are NOT accessible by road