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I enjoy the holidays and the progression of themes they follow, particularly in Alaska. In October the Permanent Fund Dividend launches the shopping season, which benefits the state’s communities, whether Alaskans use the dividend for debt relief, to invest in projects, or just for fun. Then we move into Thanksgiving, and we shift our focus to gratitude and sharing, both among our loved ones and with those we don’t know personally but know need help. Whatever your religious background (or lack thereof), December holiday season traditions encourage families and friends to gather together and be inspired by the potential for goodness that people have. And then the New Year rounds it out, when we take stock of the past and make plans for the future.

Time moves forward unceasingly, but the cyclical nature of our planet and the impact that has had on our culture has created these yearly opportunities to reflect on the things that truly make our lives rich and what’s been and what’s to come.

Every issue of Alaska Business features new and timely editorial content, but it also has elements that follow annual routines, specifically our special sections. Sometimes this feels a little confining: every special section we feature is one that I’ve helped craft several times, so I’m back in the same space again. But it’s also a moment to inspect the previous year’s special section: how was it successful, and what was it missing? How can the weaker portions be made stronger and the good content made even better? It’s incredibly satisfying to plan and execute a project better than I did before, and it’s an opportunity I’m grateful for.

When I took over this position a few years ago, one of the areas I saw for improvement was the special sections. I wanted to make them truly “special,” and to accomplish that I worked closely with Art Director Monica Sterchi-Lowman to find a photo essay and a guest author for each one. Whether or not we found guest authors or a photo essay every month, over the year we found that reserving space for high-quality, engaging photos and inviting experts in the community to contribute their thoughts hit our goals exactly.

We’re taking that methodology and running with it, and that is where you come in. We know many business leaders in the state, and we’re aware of many exciting projects and photo opportunities, but we certainly don’t know all of them, and we may not be aware of what you’re involved in.

You do—and we want to feature the amazing work you’re doing. Send me information on the projects you’re working on; send me the incredible photos that you’ve taken; call or email me about ideas and information you have that would benefit our readers in a guest author piece.

Our business community is rich because of your work, and I want to help you share it.

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Tasha Anderson
Managing Editor, Alaska Business