Why I Do What I Do
Janis Plume, Sr. Account Manager
By Janis Plume
Senior Account Manager

kay, I get it. You are busy. You own a business and your days are filled with serving your customers; striving to keep them happy and coming back. You’re hard at work making sure your employees are productive and happy, and, of course, you’re focused on the bottom line. Where’s the time to even think about advertising?

First, take time to read that email from me— the one with something like “Advertising Opportunity in Alaska Business” in the subject line. Or open the one labeled “Alaska Business 2021 Media Kit Attached.”

In my work at Alaska Business I get to have day-to-day connections with business people and help them with advertising solutions. We offer advertising solutions in Alaska’s premier monthly business publication (print and digital), in our weekly Alaska Business Monitor newsletter, and on our website — it’s all in that media kit!

My ego isn’t so inflated that I think I’m a one man show. I couldn’t get this job done without a great team. Talented designers that make us look good and the clients look great. A management team ready with good, orderly direction and access to information to help me work smarter. Rounding it out is a great editorial team hard at work researching, interviewing, and writing useful local business insights. A look at any issue of Alaska Business will prove that.

If you haven’t answered my calls or replied to my emails you may be asking, “Why does he do this?” Simple answer… I like to help businesses succeed! The next time you see an email from janis@akbizmag.com or get a call from (907) 257-2917, consider taking a minute to respond. It might lead to an opportunity to invest in and grow your business through a beneficial change in your marketing strategy.


Janis J. Plume
Senior Account Manager
Alaska Business Publishing Co.