The 2021 Top 49ers
Alaska’s Largest Locally-owned Businesses Ranked by Gross Revenue
By Charles Bell, VP of Sales

he October issue of Alaska Business magazine features the annual Top 49ers, ranking Alaska’s top locally-owned businesses based on gross revenue. Last year, the companies comprising the Top 49ers reported combined revenue of nearly $18.5 billion which was a 7.24% increase over the prior year.

In addition to generating billions of dollars in annual revenue, these businesses employ a reported 21,794 people in Alaska and 80,034 worldwide. With numbers like this, it’s safe to say that these forty-nine locally-owned businesses are signifi cant contributors to keeping Alaska’s economy strong.

Enjoy trivia? Here’s a fun fact: Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC) has ranked number one on the Top 49ers list since 1995 when it overtook VECO for the top position.

We are eagerly looking forward to fi nding out if ASRC will take the number one spot for the 26th consecutive year. Surveying for the 2021 Top 49ers was completed on August 3 and compilation, data review, and analysis are ongoing. We expect this year’s results to be particularly interesting as the pandemic has dramatically impacted so many businesses over the past year. Be sure to keep an eye out for the 2021 Top 49ers issue of Alaska Business in October which contains some fascinating results!

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