Let’s Talk About Long Term Value

By Christine Merki, Account Manager


’ve never bought an ad in my life, but I have sold advertising for almost twenty years and have been swayed by advertising my entire adult life. Research tells us what should work in advertising, but businesses seem to be a solid source for what actually works. My fact-finding mission for writing this piece revealed a consistent value for the advertisers you see in the pages of Alaska Business, month after month, year after year. Brenda summed it up nicely:

Alaska Business offers quality editorial content on a consistent basis, and it allows my clients to reach a large and diverse business audience.”
Brenda Goodman, Media Consultant

If you run a business, Alaska Business offers benefits that make long-term advertising a sound investment. There are many, but the five that come to mind are:

  1. Surrounded by Success: Businesses that advertise prefer to surround themselves with other successful businesses that advertise.
  2. Print Ads Are Trackable: You can run a unique website address or vanity URL in each different print ad, have unique offers, or use QR codes.
  3. Congruence Factor: An Integral Ad Science (IAS) report reveals that context is critical. The results showed that consumers are more receptive towards brands that advertise in environments with positive sentiment—like the awardwinning editorial Alaska Business prides itself on.
  4. Targeted Reach: Alaska Business covers the industries and businesses that drive the state’s economy, and we deliver this information in print, digital, and newsletter form.
  5. Our Editorial Has Legs: The stories you read in Alaska Business aren’t found anywhere else.

Call us if you’ve been thinking about advertising with Alaska Business and we can go over the many options available that will make your business stand out.

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Christine has worked in Anchorage media for almost 20 years. Her writing talents have earned her top honors as a recipient of the Alaska Broadcasters Association Goldie Awards. Her sales and marketing skills have helped countless clients connect with their target audience to achieve annual goals. She unapologetically lures clients in with her homemade raspberry jam and lives with her salmon slaying beau and a ferocious cat named Maggie.
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