Alaska Native Special Section
Alaska Native
Ahtna, Inc.
PO Box 649
Glennallen, AK 99588
Michelle Anderson, Pres.
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 1,320/354
Business Activities: Construction, engineering, environmental, facilities management, surveying, security, military training, janitorial, healthcare and medical records management, government contracting, land management, resource development, oil and gas pipeline services.
Project Worked On: Ahtna has launched the HOPE (Helping Our People Excel) Shareholder Program with a primary goal of getting more shareholders employed and gaining work experience. Supporting education and professional development opportunities is an important aspect of the program. We do this through vocational scholarship funding, apprenticeships and office mentoring, funding for village-based shareholder hire, a career assistance program, professional resume assistance and job interview tips and coaching.
Acreage: 1,579,872 Number of Shareholders: 2,143
Subsidiaries: Ahtna Development Company, Ahtna Facility Services, Inc., Ahtna Support & Training Services, Ahtna Government Services Corp., Ahtna Construction & Primary Products Company, Ahtna Design Build, Inc., Ahtna Professional Services, Inc., Ahtna Environmental, Inc., Ahtna Technologies, AKHI, Ahtna Global, Ahtna Logistics, Ahtna Engineering Services, AAA Valley Gravel, Ahtna Netiye’, Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies, Ahtna Integrated Services, Ahtna Marine & Construction Company, Ahtna Solutions, Ahtna Technical Services, Inc.
Alakanuk Native Corporation
PO Box 148
Alakanuk, AK 99554
Raymond Joseph, Pres.
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 20/20
Business Activities: Retail. Both native store and tank farm. Sell everything from food to fuel.
Project Worked On: Moved into a renovated building just last year.
Acreage: 1 acre Number of Shareholders: 150
Alaska Peninsula Corporation
2710 Weslyan Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99508
Dave McAlister, CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 40/40
Business Activities: Environmental consulting and restoration; administrative and management services; electrical contractor and call-out services; construction; remote camp services; geophysical studies; resource development support.
Project Worked On: Federal and commercial environmental projects and electrical construction work are our primary projects. Federal projects include remote remediation of petroleum and polychlorinated biphenyl contaminated soil and groundwater. Commercial environmental projects generally evolve around natural resource development projects and logistical support. Construction work is primarily for call-out electrical services, however, we have also completed federal DoD and State of Alaska projects.
Acreage: 400,000 Number of Shareholders: 900
Subsidiaries: Talarik Research & Restoration Services, Yukon Electric, Inc., APC Federal, APC Services, APC Professional Services
Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
PO Box 129
Barrow, AK 99723
Rex Allen Rock Sr., Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 14,030/2,905
Business Activities: ASRC has six major business segments-government contract services, industrial services, petroleum refining and marketing, energy support services, construction and resource development.
Project Worked On: In line with our goal to find solutions for a sustainable future, ASRC Energy Services (AES) has developed a novel soil treatment technology. The proprietary mobile soil treatment system is capable of remediating large volumes of contaminated soil on-site. This technology is designed for easy, rapid transportation to off-road locations across Alaska.
Acreage: ~5 million Number of Shareholders: 13,491
Subsidiaries: ASRC Construction Holding Company, Eskimos, Inc., Tundra Tours, Inc., Alaska Growth Capital BIDCO, Little Red Services, Inc., ASRC Industrial Services, ASRC Energy Services, Petro Star, Inc., ASRC Federal Holding Company
Askinuk Corporation
PO Box 89
Scammon Bay, AK 99662
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 6/6
Business Activities: Sell heating fuel and gasoline.
Project Worked On:
Acreage:Number of Shareholders: 210
Baan O Yeel Kon Corporation
PO Box 74381
Fairbanks, AK 99707
Janine Avner, Pres.
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 1/1
Business Activities: Village corporation for Rampart Village.
Project Worked On: Shareholders approved the Baan o yeel kon Settlement Trust in November 2019.
Acreage: 92,160 Number of Shareholders: 231
Bering Straits Native Corporation
3301 C St., Ste. 100
Anchorage, AK 99503
Gail R. Schubert, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 1,957/504
Business Activities: Government contracting, logistics, base operations support services, aircraft and airfield services, special training and security, management and consulting services, IT services, construction and renovation, communications.
Project Worked On: Alaska Industrial Hardware (AIH) purchased the formerly vacant Sam’s Club warehouse building located on Dimond Blvd. where it opened a retail storefront. This space serves as the largest hardware and safety order fulfillment and replenishment center in Alaska, supplying high-quality equipment, tools, industrial materials, maintenance supplies and safety products to Alaskans, the construction industry, government and commercial customers.
Acreage: 2.1 million Number of Shareholders: 8,243
Subsidiaries: Inuit Services, Inc., Bering Straits Aerospace Services, Bering Straits Logistics Services, Bering Straits Information Technology, Bering Straits Technical Services, Eagle Eye Electric, Global Support Services, Global Management Services, Iyabak Construction, Global Asset Technologies, Global Precision Systems, Bering Straits Development Co., Global Technical Services, 4600 Debarr, Alaska Industrial Hardware, Inc., Paragon Professional Services, Arcticom, Alaska Gold Company, Aurora Inn & Suites, Stampede Ventures, Inc., Bering Global Solutions, Bering Straits Global Innovations, Bering Straits Professional Services, Sound Quarry, Inc., Bering Supply Solutions, Northwest Contracting
Bristol Bay Native Corporation
111 W. 16th Ave., Ste. 400
Anchorage, AK 99501
Jason Metrokin, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 4,043/1,507
Business Activities: Industrial services, government services, construction, seafood, tourism, and natural resources.
Project Worked On: BBNC recently announced its partnership with the NHL’s newest franchise, the Seattle Kraken. With this partnership, millions of hockey fans and concertgoers will be introduced to the wonders and cultures of Bristol Bay, and the BBNC community and hockey fans will have access to exciting opportunities. Bristol Bay will be prominently represented throughout the Climate Pledge Arena, including one of the arena’s 13 prime marketplaces.
Acreage: 3,011,356 Number of Shareholders: 10,656
Subsidiaries: Bristol Bay Industrial, Alaska Directional, Bristol Alliance Fuels, Cannon Constructors, The Cannon Group, Cannon Construction, Bud’s Hauling and Leasing, CCI Industrial Services, CCI Electrical Services, Kakivik Asset Management, PetroCard, Cal IV Tubulars, Precision Compression, Government Services Group of Companies, Bristol Alliance of Companies (minority ownership interest), SES Group of Companies, CCI Alliance of Companies, Bristol Adventures, Bristol Bay Mission Lodge, Katmai Air, Katmailand, Bristol Bay Shared Services, Bristol Bay Seafood Investments, Bristol Bay Alaska Seafoods Group of Companies, Bristol Wave Seafoods, Bristol Wild Seafood Company
Calista Corporation
5015 Business Park Blvd., Ste. 3000
Anchorage, AK 99503
Andrew Guy, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 2,600/700
Business Activities: Calista Corporation is the parent company of 30+ subsidiaries in the industries of defense contracting, construction, real estate, environmental services, natural resource development, marine transportation, oilfield services and heavy equipment.
Project Worked On: For two-years in a row, Calista’s holding line Yulista is nominated as one of the “Best Places to Work” in the Huntsville, Alabama area. This year Yulista opened its new facilities in Huntsville including a brand-new 35,000-square-foot aviation hangar and paint facility. The new hangar increases Yulista’s overall aviation capacity to nearly 200,000 square feet, including 123,000 square feet of aircraft hangar space.
Acreage: 6.5 million Number of Shareholders: 33,700
Subsidiaries: Y-Tech Services, Yulista Aviation, Yulista Management Services, Yulista Integrated Solutions, Yulista Logistics Solutions, Yulista Tactical Services, Yulista Services, Yulista Solutions, Yulista Support Services, Chiulista Services, Tunista Services, Tunista Logistics Solutions, Brice Incorporated, Brice Builders, Brice Civil Constructors, Brice Engineering, Brice Environmental, Brice Equipment, Brice Marine, Brice Solutions, STG, Inc., Alaska Crane, STG Pacific,Tunista Construction, Yukon Equipment, Calista Real Estate, Tunista, Inc., Aulukista, E3 Alaska, Nordic Calista, Ookichista Drilling Services, Calista Education & Culture, Inc.
Cape Fox Corporation
PO Box 8558
Ketchikan, AK 99901
Chris Luchtefeld, CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 991/153
Business Activities: Cape Fox Corporation has two lines of business, one for tourism in Alaska with restaurants, a lodge, and retail, and one with government contracting with multiple subsidiaries that offer capabilities in IT and cybersecurity, healthcare, professional services, and construction.
Project Worked On: In an effort to revitalize Alaska tourism, Cape Fox Lodge and Baranof Fishing Excursions partnered in a new marketing campaign to “Bring Back Adventure.” The campaign offered tourists a unique, adventurous experience in a safe environment with deals at Baranof Fishing along with specials at any Cape Fox Corporation family of businesses, including Cape Fox Lodge. It has been a successful campaign bringing tourists back to Alaska.
Acreage: 23,000 Number of Shareholders: 361
Subsidiaries: Cape Fox Shared Services, Cape Fox Federal Integrators, Cape Fox Facilities Services , Saxman One, Eagle Health, Concentric Methods, NAVAR, Cape Fox Lodge, Ketchikan Title Agency, Cape Fox Tours, Dockside Galley, Sweet Mermaids, Bar Harbor Ale House, 108 Tap House and Burger Bar, Mountain Point, Kwaan Tech
Chenega Corporation
3000 C St., Ste. 301
Anchorage, AK 99503
Charles Totemoff, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 6,449/188
Business Activities: Chenega figures prominently in the diverse government services contracting marketplace supporting defense, intelligence, and federal civilian customers.
Project Worked On: Chenega has been recognized with several awards that demonstrate our ongoing commitment to excellence for our employees and customers.
Acreage:Number of Shareholders:
Choggiung, Limited
PO Box 330
Dillingham, AK 99576
Cameron Poindexter, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 371/98
Business Activities: Commercial real estate and hospitality, commercial and government services-federal contracting, construction, environmental, information technology, facilities services, training, and engineering.
Project Worked On: Choggiung Limited has created a new subsidiary company brand, Wood River Federal, to support the federal government with an array of solutions built from our background and experience. Check out our website at to learn more.
Acreage: 299,000 Number of Shareholders: 2,223
Subsidiaries: Choggiung Investment Company, Bristol Inn, Bayside Diner, Inland Empire Fire Protection, Umyuaq Technology, Intelligent Technology, Bristol Alliance of Companies
Chugach Alaska Corporation
3800 Centerpoint Dr., Ste. 1200
Anchorage, AK 99503
Sheri Buretta, Chairman/Interim CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 4,900/700
Business Activities: Chugach has a portfolio of complementary businesses across a range of industries including government, energy and facilities services. Chugach also manages an investment portfolio, and land and natural resource development projects in the region.
Project Worked On: Appointed new President Daniel Fenza in March; established Chugach Natives Trust to serve future generations; supported the region and shareholders during COVID-19 through Chugach Regional Response Group and early dividends; focusing on ANSCA land initiatives that create shareholder value: Coal sale that retired development rights and generated financial return via dividends and a $30M educational/cultural endowment; granite quarry development; and land exchange.
Acreage: 378,000 full fee estate; 550,000 subsurface Number of Shareholders: 2,800
Subsidiaries: Rex Electric & Technologies, Heide & Cook, All American Oilfield, Chugach Alaska Services, Chugach Tuullek, Chugach Professional Oilfield Services, Chugach Commercial Holdings, Chugach Government Solutions, Chugach Investment Holdings, Chugach Government Services, Wolf Creek Federal Services, Chugach Management Services, Chugach Consolidated Solutions, Chugach Industries, Chugach World Services, Chugach Information Technology, Defense Base Services, Chugach Federal Solutions, Chugach Education Services, Chugach Technical Solutions, Chugach Training & Educational Solutions, Chugach Systems Integration
Cook Inlet Region, Inc.
PO Box 93330
Anchorage, AK 99509
Sophie Minich, Pres./ CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 75/75
Business Activities: From energy and infrastructure to government services, real estate and private equity and venture funds, CIRI’s continued growth lies in its diverse investments in a variety of industries—opportunities made successful by the hard work and ingenuity of our people and partners.
Project Worked On: CIRI is partnering with Maple Springs Assisted Living in the construction of a new assisted living facility in Anchorage, addressing the changing demographics of the region and providing needed services to an aging population. In 2020, CIRI subsidiary North Wind Group (NWG) merged the engineering firm LBYD into NWG as a subsidiary. The addition of the well-respected engineering firm provides business development opportunities and synergies across both companies.
Acreage: 625,000 Number of Shareholders: 9,100
Subsidiaries: CIRI Land Development Co., North Wind Group, Fire Island Wind
Danzhit Hanlaii Corporation
615 Bidwell, Ste. 407
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Angela Ludwick, Pres.
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 2/2
Business Activities: Tourism and resource development.
Project Worked On: We are looking at building and renting out cabins on the Yukon River.
Acreage: 118,000 Number of Shareholders: 188
Doyon, Limited
1 Doyon Pl., Ste. 300
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Aaron Schutt, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 1,046/708
Business Activities: Doyon, Limited operates a diverse family of companies in the areas of oilfield services, utilities, construction, information technology, natural resource development, tourism, laundry, real estate, and wireless telecommunications.
Project Worked On: As part of our inaugural Voluntary Forest Offset Initiative, Doyon is committed to sustainably managing and preserving up to 250,000 of our forested lands per sale, to be sold as carbon offset credits. As a leader in all we do, we see this as an opportunity to balance economic development and land preservation for the generations of today and tomorrow.
Acreage: 12.5M Number of Shareholders: 20,000
Subsidiaries: Doyon Oil Field Services, Inc., Doyon Government Contracting, Inc., Doyon Natural Resources Development Corporation, Northern Laundry Services. Doyon Tourism, Northstar Manager, Mid-Alaska Pipeline
Eklutna, Inc.
16515 Centerfield Dr., Ste. 201
Eagle River, AK 99577
Kyle Foster, CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: <50/<50 Business Activities: Largest private land owner/developer in Anchorage. Owner of commercial buildings, a hard rock quarry, construction company-8(a), gravel and mining site, real estate brokerage, and developer of upscale housing subdivisions.
Project Worked On: Overlook Estates 3 is a 40-acre tract of land that Eklutna, Inc. is developing into twenty-eight1.25-acre lots. The tract is located approximately seven miles up Eagle River Road and contains mountainous surroundings, valley views, and backs up against a State Park greenbelt. Watch the Eklutna, Inc. website for further developments on this project.
Acreage: 90,000 Number of Shareholders: 176
Subsidiaries: Eklutna Construction & Maintenance, Eklutna Sand & Gravel, Eklutna Real Estate Services
Gana-A’ Yoo, Limited
1001 E. Benson Blvd., Ste. 201
Anchorage, AK 99508
Dena Sommer-Pedebone, CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 357/27
Business Activities: Gana-A’Yoo and our family of companies serves clients around the globe. From engineering and deploying Air Force training aids to feeding the Coast, we offer an array of services including construction, camp, janitorial, and professional services.
Project Worked On: Shareholder perpetuity and preserving our natural resources is our priority. In 2020 we increased educational and vocational funding to shareholders by more than 20% through partnership with Alyeska Pipeline. Over the last two years we have contributed $200,000 to our village schools and dedicated resources to address illegal use of our lands. Through our business we keep the nation’s 2nd longest river navigable and powered the largest Air Base in Afghanistan until the last troop returned home.
Acreage: 437,760 Number of Shareholders: 1,285
Subsidiaries: Gana-A’Yoo Services Corp, Khotol Service Corp, Kaiyuh Services, Kaiyuh Information Technologies, Six Mile, Yukon Management
Goldbelt, Incorporated
3025 Clinton Dr.
Juneau, AK 99801
McHugh Pierre, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 1,700/250
Business Activities: Tourism, government contracting, facility management, IT consulting, transportation, security services, and construction.
Project Worked On: Goldbelt expanded operations during the pandemic supporting the federal government’s effort to vaccinate the country. Goldbelt delivered more than 500 million needles and syringes to the Federal government and employed doctors working in critical areas to development and response of COVID-19.
Acreage: 32,719 Number of Shareholders: 3,950
Subsidiaries: Goldbelt Glacier Health Services, Nisga’a Data Systems, Goldbelt Falcon, Goldbelt Hawk, Peregrine Technical Solutions, Facility Support Services, Goldbelt Security, Mount Roberts Tramway, Goldbelt Transportation, Cultural Preservation Marine, Goldbelt C6, Nisga’a Tek, Goldbelt Operations Support Services, Goldbelt Integrated Logistics Services, Goldbelt Frontier
Huna Totem Corporation
9301 Glacier Hwy., Ste. 200
Juneau, AK 99801
Russell Dick, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 320/270
Business Activities: Tourism and government contracting.
Project Worked On: Huna Totem Corporation, Icy Strait Point, and our cruise industry partners worked in conjunction with the Alaska Delegation in Washington DC, the Governor of Alaska, and Alaska Legislature to reform a long-standing law requiring foreign-flagged vessels to stop in international waters (Canada) on a cruise to Alaska. Participating in this conversation resulted in a waiver to the PVSA requirements and restoration of part of the 2021 cruise season for struggling Alaska businesses and communities.
Acreage: 23,043 Number of Shareholders: 1,484
Isanotski Corporation
101 Isanotski Dr.
False Pass, AK 99583
Chantae Kochuten, Pres.
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 7/7
Business Activities: Grocery store, liquor store, crab pot storage.
Project Worked On: We have apartments available for rent.
Acreage: 1 Number of Shareholders: 108
Kijik Corporation
801 B St., Ste. 401-B
Anchorage, AK 99501
Ventura Samaniego, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 3/2
Business Activities: The mission of the Kijik Corporation is to generate sustainable profits for Kijik shareholders while recognizing the unique diversity of Kijik lands and peoples.
Project Worked On:
Acreage: 126,000 Number of Shareholders: 511
Subsidiaries: Kijik Aviation Services, Kijik Technical Services, Qizhjeh Heritage Institute, International Data Systems, RISE Communications
Kikiktagruk Inupiat Corp.
3201 C St., Ste. 801
Anchorage, AK 99508
Thomas Kennedy, CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 305/35
Business Activities: Construction, commercial and residential rental properties, and retail sales of hardware, lumber, and auto parts. Government JBOS contracts, construction contracts, and professional service contracts.
Project Worked On: Recent contract with FDA to provide scientist for COVID and EBOLA research. Able to start summer hire program of teenager again in Kotzebue. Currently employing 18 youth in the program.
Acreage: 208,000 Number of Shareholders: 2,021
Subsidiaries: KIC Construction, KIC Facilities Management, KIC Logistics, Alaska Universal Services, Midnight Sun Global Services, Midnight Sun Technologies, JLL-Midnight Sun IFMS, Midnight Sun AUS, MSGS-Trinity JV, MSGS-Centennial JV
Klawock Heenya Corporation
PO Box 129
Klawock, AK 99925
Mary Edenshaw, COO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 10/10
Business Activities: Klawock Heenya Corp, Klawock River Inn, The Bread Box Delicatessen, Klawock Island Dock Company.
Project Worked On: Bringing people back into our Island to help our economy recover.
Acreage: 23,000 Number of Shareholders: 1,200
Subsidiaries: Klawock River Inn, Klawock Island Dock Company, The Bread Box Delicatessen
194 Alimaq Dr.
Kodiak, AK 99615
Ron Unger, Chairman/CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 2,003/157
Business Activities: Koniag’s principal lines of business include commercial real estate investments; ANCSA natural resource management; and investments in various operating companies.
Project Worked On: Despite the challenging environment, Koniag continued its trend of profitability by quickly adapting to changing markets. We found innovative ways to expand, acquiring additional businesses for our Energy and Water sector and purchasing the remaining ownership in Open System Technologies, a commercial IT subsidiary. Our Government Contracting sector continued to grow thanks to outstanding contract performance and relationships built on long-term trust.
Acreage: 145,000 surface; 990,000 subsurface Number of Shareholders: 4,270
Subsidiaries: Digitized Schematic Solutions, Koniag Services, Inc., Professional Computing Resources, Inc., XMCO, Inc., Dowland-Bach Corporation, Koniag Information Security Services, Granite Cove Quarry, Koniag Technology Solutions, Inc., Near Island Building, Karluk Wilderness Adventures, Inc. dba Kodiak Brown Bear Center and dba Karluk River Cabins, PacArctic, Open Systems Technology, DE, Arlluk Technology Solutions, Eagle Harbor Solutions, Kadiak, Tuknik Government Services, Glacier Services, Inc., Koniag Government Services, Koniag Management Solutions, Koniag Data Solutions, Koniag IT Systems, Koniag Professional Services, Koniag Integration Solutions, Koniag Brillient, Big G Electric & Engineering, Great Northern Engineering, Koniag Real Estate, Koniag Capital, Koniag Energy and Water, TecPro, Ltd., Koniag Worldwide
Kootznoowoo, Incorporated
8585 Old Dairy Rd., Ste. 104
Juneau, AK 99801
Deborah Atuk, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 9/9
Business Activities: Commercial real estate, construction, federal contracting.
Project Worked On: Renovation of KPlaza Roof in Juneau; remodeling Angoon Community Association Tribal Office; Painting USCG building exterior, Juneau.
Acreage: 11,832 Number of Shareholders: 1,100
Subsidiaries: Chatham Properties
Kotlik Yupik Corporation
PO Box 20207
Kotlik, AK 99620
Lorrena Prince, Pres.
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 11/11
Business Activities: We operate two businesses: KYC’s Tank Farm, which sells gas and oil, and L aufkak, which sells mainly groceries.
Project Worked On:
Acreage:Number of Shareholders: 247
Subsidiaries: Kotlik Yupik Enterprises
101 W. Benson Blvd., Ste. 202
Anchorage, AK 99503
Jana Turvey, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 23/8
Business Activities: Leisnoi and its subsidiaries are focused on creating ongoing value for shareholders. We provide a range of services: facilities and infrastructure sustainment, restoration, maintenance, construction, and non-/traditional environmental services.
Project Worked On: We are collaborating with Tangirnaq Native Village to complete a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) that addresses the current and future road and trail improvements on Woody Island. The land identified is used for subsistence and recreational purposes by Tribal members and the public. Improvements in this LRTP will enhance access to subsistence, cultural, recreational and economic resources; preserve and promote sites of cultural significance; and reduce conflict with private landowners.
Acreage: 50,000 Number of Shareholders: 420
Subsidiaries: Tuyuq, Leisnoi Diversified Services, Leisnoi Professional Services, Napaq, Leisnoi Development Company
Minto Development Corporation
615 Bidwill Ave., Ste. 303
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Douglas Isaacson, CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 3/3
Business Activities: Management of companies.
Project Worked On: Successfully trained and deployed more than 50 Alaska native bear guards.
Acreage: 1 acre Number of Shareholders:
NANA Regional Corporation
PO Box 49
Kotzebue, AK 99752
Bill Monet, COO/Interim
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 14,831/4,832
Business Activities: Resource development; land management; federal contracting; engineering and design; surveying and mapping; food and facilities management; camp services; security; industrial and commercial fabrication and installation; drilling services.
Project Worked On: NANA’s mission is to improve the quality of life for our people by maximizing economic growth, protecting and enhancing our lands and promoting healthy communities with decisions, actions, and behaviors inspired by our Iñupiat Iļitqusiat values consistent with our core principles.
Acreage: 2.2 million Number of Shareholders: 14,780
Subsidiaries: Akima, Sivu
Nunapitchuk, Limited
129 Main St.
Nunapitchuk, AK 99641
Jerry Wassillie, Sr., Pres.
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 32/32
Business Activities:
Project Worked On:
Acreage:Number of Shareholders:
Ounalashka Corporation
PO Box 149
Unalaska, AK 99685
Christopher Salts, CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 21/21
Business Activities: Leasing and real estate development.
Project Worked On: Geothermal Power at Makushin Volcano and Valley.
Acreage: 135,000 Number of Shareholders: 464
Pitkas Point Native Corporation
PO Box 289
St. Mary’s, AK 99658
Bibiana Sage, Pres.
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 4/4
Business Activities: To provide opportunities to all our shareholders and community members through profitable investments and working together to create economic and educational opportunities while promoting self-determination and pride.
Project Worked On: Working with our regional native corporation, for a share of gravel sales.
Acreage:Number of Shareholders: 118
Subsidiaries: Pitka’s Point Native Store
One Sealaska Plaza, Ste. 400
Juneau, AK 99801
Anthony Mallott, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 2,000/100
Business Activities: Sealaska’s businesses are divided into three focus areas: natural resources and land management, environmental services, and sustainable foods.
Project Worked On: Sealaska, an Alaska Native Corporation owned by 23,000 Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian shareholders and owner of several food companies, including Seattle-based Orca Bay Foods, and New England Seafood International Limited, a respected, London-based supplier of fresh and frozen premium sustainable fish and seafood to retailers and leading food-service brands, are forging an unprecedented alliance.
Acreage: 362,000 Number of Shareholders: 23,000
Subsidiaries: Alaska Coastal Aggregates, Sealaska Environmental Services, Managed Business Solutions, Sealaska Constructors, Sealaska Construction Solutions, Sealaska Technical Services, EcoData Analytics, Gregg Drilling, Pitcher Services, Sealaska Engineering & applied Sciences, Sealaska Remediation Solutions
Shaan-Seet, Inc.
PO Box 690
Craig, AK 99921
Edward Douville, Pres./GM
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 10/10
Business Activities: Our primary businesses include commercial real estate, property management, and natural resource management. We also own and operate the Sunnahae Hotel.
Project Worked On: We are continuing to promote economic growth and development in our community through housing development, expansion of storage/ship yard, and conservancy and forestry work.
Acreage: 24,000 Number of Shareholders: 607
Shumagin Corporation
PO Box 189
Sand Point, AK 99661
Glen Gardner, Jr., Shumagin Pres.
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 15/15
Business Activities: Real estate, rental, and leasing.
Project Worked On:
Acreage:Number of Shareholders: 503
Sitnasuak Native Corporation
PO Box 905
Nome, AK 99762
Charles Fagerstrom, CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 1,332/100
Business Activities:
Project Worked On:
Acreage: 232,174 Number of Shareholders: 2,987
Subsidiaries: Fidelity Title Agency Alaska, Nanuaq, Sitnasuak Properties, Aurora Industries, SNC Manufacturing, Bonanza Fuel, Mat-Su Title Agency, Sitnasuak Financial Services, Nome Outfitters, Bonanza Express, SNC Technical Services
Swan Lake Corporation
Box 31
Nunam Iqua, AK 99666
Solomon Afcan, Chairman
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 20/20
Business Activities: Retail sales, land management.
Project Worked On: Descendant shareholder enrollment. Resource development.
Acreage: 69,000 Number of Shareholders: 155
Subsidiaries: Nunam Iqua Trading Post, Nunam Iqua Teen Center
TDX (Tanadgusix) Corporation
3601 C St., Ste. 1000
Anchorage, AK 99503
Christopher Mandregan Jr., CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 595/223
Business Activities: TDX Corporation is owned by and represents the business interests of more than 600 Aleut shareholders of St. Paul Island. TDX business groups are diversified serving technology, government contracting, hospitality, and the seafood industry.
Project Worked On:
Acreage:Number of Shareholders: 681
Subsidiaries: TDX Government Services Group, TDX Power Group, TDX Hospitality Group
Teller Native Corporation
PO Box 649
Teller, AK 99778
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 10/10
Business Activities:
Project Worked On:
Acreage: 115,200 Number of Shareholders: 509
The Aleut Corporation
4000 Old Seward Hwy., Ste. 300
Anchorage, AK 99503
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 900/90
Business Activities: Government contracting; O&M; training and education; logistics; construction; IT/Telcom; environmental; remediation; engineering, prototype and manufacturing; real estate; fuel and port serv; oilfield testing; instrumentation.
Project Worked On:
Acreage:Number of Shareholders: 3,900
Subsidiaries: Aleut Enterprises, Aleut Real Estate, Alaska Instrument, C&H Testing, Aleut Patrick Mechanical Holding, Strata-G Solutions, Aleut Federal
The Kuskokwim Corporation
4300 B St., Ste. 405
Anchorage, AK 99503
Andrea Gusty, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 318/24
Business Activities: Construction, government services, environmental services, lighting, aerospace, aircraft maintenance and repair, real estate and rural retail.
Project Worked On: The Kuskokwim Corporation (TKC) is currently working on project to help solve rural housing needs, energy issues, and cost of living for our shareholders. The need is great, but by combining traditional knowledge with state of the art technology, TKC is committed to collaborative solutions for the people of the Middle Kuskokwim and beyond.
Acreage: 919,680 Number of Shareholders: 4,206
Subsidiaries: TKC Development, Tumeq, Kuskokwim Properties, TKC Aerospace, Inc., Suulutaaq, Inc., Precision Air, Inc., Swift River Environmental Services, SIOTS, Charleston Logistics, Holitna Construction, Precision Heli-Support, Green Lighting Group, Air Transport of the Carolinas, MIPPS, Kuskokwim Community Growth Company, Sunitna River, Ciqima Federal Services
The Tatitlek Corporation
561 E. 36th Ave., Ste. 400
Anchorage, AK 99503
Roy Totemoff, CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 1,450/50
Business Activities: Information technology, satellite-based imagery capture and processing, geospatial solutions, facilities maintenance, security, training scenarios, logistics support, base operations support, supply chain mgmt., transportation and admin support.
Project Worked On:
Acreage: 108,275 Number of Shareholders: 390
Subsidiaries: Tatitlek Construction Services, Inc., Tatitlek Support Services, Inc., Tatitlek Technologies, Inc., Tatitlek Training Services, Inc., GeoNorth, Tatitlek Logistics Corporation, Tatitlek Response Services, Inc., Tatitlek Federal Services, Inc., Port Fidalgo Constructors, Inc., GeoNorth Information Systems
Tatitlek Technologies, Inc.
Togiak Natives Limited
PO Box 150
Togiak, AK 99678
Jimmy Coopchiak, Pres.
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 12/6
Business Activities: Leasing, fuel sales, transportation.
Project Worked On: Togiak Natives Limited drives innovation and economic growth in our region in order to preserve our Yupiaq culture and language, protect our unique land, and ensure youth, elder, and shareholder well-being. We are committed to our values or respect, honesty, collaboration, and integrity. Our ultimate goal is to build a profitable and growing government contracting business and financial strength for the benefit of our shareholders.
Acreage: 156,657 Number of Shareholders: 974
Subsidiaries: Togiak Fuel Distributors, Togiak Bus Services, Our Store Inc., Togiak Management Services, Togiak Fishing Adventures
Tulkisarmute, Incorporated
PO Box 65
Tuluksak, AK 99679
Peter Andrew, Pres.
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 11/11
Business Activities: For profit organization owned by Tulkisarmute Inc. shareholders.
Project Worked On: Extending the building.
Acreage:Number of Shareholders: 200
Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC)
PO Box 890
Utqiaġvik, AK 99723
Delbert Rexford, Pres./CEO
Number of Employees Worldwide/Alaska: 4,269/496
Business Activities: Commercial civil and industrial construction, architecture, engineering, surveying, environmental, marine logistics, real estate, land, natural resources, IT, maintenance and manufacturing, tundra transportation, Arctic support, and government services.
Project Worked On: UIC Commercial Services created a new heavy civil construction company, Qayaq Construction. Qayaq is set to complete about $20 million worth of projects in 2021. The largest of these awards is the Richardson Highway Milepost #138 to #148 Rehabilitation Project for $14 million. This project includes large embankment and excavation, drainage improvements, intersection improvements, utilities, roadside hardware and a major realignment.
Acreage: 220,398 Number of Shareholders: 3,228
Subsidiaries: UIC Commercial Services, UIC Government Construction, UIC Government Services, UIC Construction, UIC Nappairit, Qayaq Construction, Rockford, UMIAQ Design, UIC Sanatu, UMIAQ Environmental, UIC Oil and Gas, Bowhead Transport, UIC Real Estate, UIC Science, UIC Municipal Services, Qayaq Government Solutions, Johansen Construction Company, Highmark Concrete Contractors