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Designing Strategy to Manage Risk and Optimize Resilience

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Erin Sedor, Owner of Black Fox Strategy


ou might say Erin Sedor has a superpower: seeing what others cannot. As the owner of Black Fox Strategy, Sedor can effectively identify seemingly unrelated elements that either trigger or combine to undermine strategic business objectives. “Designing strategy to manage risk and optimize resilience requires an understanding of more than just figuring out where you want to go,” Sedor says. “You need to really understand what you are capable of doing.”

That’s where Sedor excels. As a board and CEO advisor specializing in the refinement of strategy design and execution, she helps clients properly assess interrelated issues to successfully achieve their goals. “The foundation of my practice is based on a balanced approach to strategy, risk, and resilience to ensure that organizations successfully achieve their mission while generating growth and ensuring survival through sound resilience and continuity practices,” Sedor says.

Local Expertise

Born and raised in Alaska, Sedor has a depth of knowledge and experience in strategic risk identification that applies to all industries, sectors, and organizational sizes. This gives her a unique perspective of what kind of planning and monitoring practices will actually work. It’s unusual for a strategy consultant to have Sedor’s multi-faceted background: operational risk and strategy experience with legal, finance, and organizational management degrees.

With twenty-five years of experience as a risk strategist, Sedor has an MBA in operational risk, a bachelor’s in finance, a bachelor’s in organizational management, and a certificate in paralegal studies. This has given her an exceptional foundation to work from and is what allows her to perform the kind of analysis that is of value to her clients. “I am not your typical consultant,” she says. “The solutions I design are as unique as my clients because they have to be in order to work.”

Black Fox Strategy has the expertise clients need and the experience they want—right here in Alaska. Typical projects of the Wasilla-based firm encompass strategy gap analysis and strategic planning facilitation (for boards and management), strategic performance alignment, and 360 mission-critical assessments. Key products of Black Fox Strategy include Essential Strategy Approach, Essential Strategy Blueprint, and Edge Strategy Executive Series, an educational problem-solving resource. “With Edge, I hope to build a dynamic network of executives having relevant discussions about cutting-edge strategies,” Sedor says.

Innovative Training

At this juncture, Sedor is excited about launching the Essential Strategy Bootcamp, which will provide unprecedented training by talented presenters. The first workshop will focus on understanding how strategy, risk, and resilience fit and move together; designing a realistic goals and execution framework; and understanding the different roles within an organization and its board for risk and strategy design and oversight. “I am as passionate about teaching a whole new way of designing strategy, risk, and resilience programs as I am about working with my clients, so I can’t wait,” she says.

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Erin Sedor,
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