From the Editor

A Lighter, Brighter Alaska Business


elcome to the new Alaska Business magazine. The entire Alaska Business team is incredibly proud to present this lighter, brighter design. Take a moment to flip through the pages. Go ahead. It’s beautiful.

As you’ve seen, we’ve added breathing room within the text for a more comfortable reading experience. We also added space to make room for additional images of Alaska’s stunning vistas, the unique people who live and work here, and the industries that help support us all. Another exciting addition to the magazine is a new feature called “Off the Cuff,” which, in keeping with our theme of light and bright, offers a more personal, fun look at the lives of some of the state’s most prominent executives. If you’ve ever wondered what your company’s CEO does during his or her off time, you’ll love Off the Cuff.

Clearly, it’s been a very busy time for us at Alaska Business and we have no intention of slowing down. In recent months we launched the Alaska Business Monitor, our weekly newsletter featuring exclusive industry insight written by experts from Alaska’s most vital industries, as well as current news affecting the state’s business community (if you haven’t signed up yet, visit

If you’ve ever wondered what your company’s CEO does during his or her off time, you’ll love Off the Cuff.

And the new design is just one of many extremely exciting changes happening as Alaska Business grows and improves to offer even more in-depth coverage of business in Alaska through a variety of platforms.

Along with the magazine redesign, our new feature Off the Cuff, and the Alaska Business Monitor newsletter, our digital edition is getting a major upgrade and the Alaska Business website is receiving a complete overhaul, launching in January. As if all of that weren’t enough to keep us busy, it’s Top 49ers time.

Every October we honor the top forty-nine companies that have weathered fluctuating oil prices and a recession while continuing to provide jobs and contribute to the economic health of the state. Through teamwork and talent, each of these companies has triumphed to land on the 2018 roster of Alaskan-owned and operated businesses ranked by gross revenue. Congratulations to each 2018 Top 49er—through strong leadership and fantastic teamwork, each company on the list inspires us to strive to be the best at whatever we do.

Speaking of which, it took a whole lot of teamwork and talent to produce this triumphant issue and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this particular team of incredibly hard-working people.

From all of us at (the new and improved) Alaska Business magazine… welcome!

Kathryn Mackenzie
Managing Editor, Alaska Business