2023 Media Planning – We Can Help
Portrait of Janis Plume

By Janis Plume
Senior Account Manager


on’t wait until 2023 to plan your marketing and advertising! The time to prepare is now—before the bell rings in the new year. You can start right now with thinking through these questions:

  1. Do you know your audience? Periodically review your target audience. Have you changed the services or products you offer, and should that prompt a change of approach and message? Has the target audience for your business changed?
  2. What marketing opportunities have you missed in the past? Was there a time in the past year when you thought you should have advertised but didn’t? Is that likely to reoccur in the coming year? Can you be more proactive in identifying the right advertising opportunities?
  3. Have you analyzed your competitors’ advertising? What are they doing that makes sense? How are they finding success in markets that interest you? What are you seeing that you know you can do better?

Use us as a resource. In addition to our print and digital publications, we can offer our knowledge and experience. We promise to give the same attention to your business’ marketing and advertising that we have provided to countless successful campaigns over the years. Nothing works better than a frank one-on-one discussion of your marketing and advertising needs. We can and will ask you the right questions to set you up with the best advertising solutions for your business.

You can always wait until next year to start your planning. Will your competitors already have a head start? Sure. Will certain advertising opportunities slip by? Yes, absolutely.

Or, you can give us a call. We promise to have an honest and relaxed discussion with you that will lead to a logical and effective advertising plan for 2023. Reach out today; let’s start now.

Advertising Contacts at Alaska Business:
Janis Plume
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