Richell and Jason Carmichael, NorthStar Supply owners

© Matt Waliszek

Richell and Jason Carmichael, NorthStar Supply owners

© Matt Waliszek

NorthStar Supply LLC

Not just another supplier


orthStar Supply is one of only a few Alaska-owned suppliers of geotextiles, erosion control, asphalt maintenance materials, and dust and ice control products in the state. Locally-owned and -operated by Richell and Jason Carmichael, North­Star Supply is based in Wasilla and can successfully deliver products any­where in the state. “I understand the unique conditions present in Alaska,” says Richell, who was born and raised in Palmer.


NorthStar Supply offers the right products to meet federal, state, and local specifications. The company sells an array of woven and non-woven geotextiles that can satisfy the requirements of virtually any applica­tion. “We carry a large inventory, and we have the ability to bring in any type of specialty fabrics,” RicheII says.

NorthStar Supply offers erosion control solutions that meet all bor­ough, state, and federal regulations, from rolled erosion control products and straw wattles to silt fence. Some of these products are manufactured in Alaska, which enables the company to support other local businesses. Additionally, NorthStar Supply can customize product sizes and con­figurations to meet clients’ specific needs-even for the largest projects.

The company’s asphalt mainte­nance materials and joint seal prod­ucts can protect pavement from the harmful effects of Alaska’s environ­ment. NorthStar Supply’s commer­cial-grade products are ideal for park­ing lots, runways, taxiways, roads, and driveways.

NorthStar Supply is also proud to offer environmentally-friendly prod­ucts to manage dust and ice for con­struction projects, mining operations, and roads. For instance, Dust Stop by Cypher Environmental can eradicate dust from unpaved roads of any soil type-with minimal risk to the environ­ment. “It’s non-corrosive, non-toxic, and highly-effective,” Jason says.

The company also sells bulk calci­um chloride pellets for use on state, borough, and city roads. The pellets are available in 2,200-pound super sacks and can be delivered statewide.


However, NorthStar Supply is not just another warehouse with a “bunch of products,” Jason says. The compa­ny strives to be an expert in all of its products. Therefore, it intentionally minimizes product offerings to be able to provide what customers need when they need it. “The fact that we have a smaller number of product offerings allows us to keep a higher inventory of those products,” Jason explains. “If somebody gets in a bind and needs a product, we want to be able to deliver it right away.”

NorthStar Supply has worked with government, construction, mining, and oil and gas clients, including larger businesses like Quality Asphalt Paving, Granite Construction, and Cruz Construction. However, it partners with entities of all types and sizes to provide superior service. “We want to be subject-matter experts,” Richell says. “We’re here to create long-term relationships.”

Jason adds: “Our focus is on local customer support, being the best at what we do, and being a partner in business-rather than just another supplier.”

Jason and Richell Carmichael, Owners
1951 N. Lucille St. Wasilla, Alaska 99654
(907) 456-7143