Nothing Changes, but Everything Is Different
headshot of Charles Bell, Vice President Sales & Marketing

n the ever-evolving realm of magazine publishing, C.S. Lewis’s poignant words, “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different?” resonate deeply. Reflecting on my journey with Alaska Business since 1998, the magnitude of transformation within our publication’s landscape is awe-inspiring.

In 1998, Alaska Business was already a seasoned industry player, entrenched in traditional printing methods. Film-to-plate technology reigned supreme, while our communication tools were rudimentary—a solitary email address for the entire company and dial-up internet access sufficed. Fast-forward to today, and the evolution is nothing short of staggering.

Now, Alaska Business stands proudly at the forefront of the digital revolution, embracing state-of-the-art technologies to revolutionize our operations. With computer-to-plate technology, an innovative digital magazine, weekly newsletters, and an acclaimed website, we’ve shattered boundaries, engaging audiences in unprecedented ways.

As we prepare to mark our 40th anniversary in 2025, Alaska Business embodies resilience and adaptability. Weathering economic storms, industry disruptions, and shifting reader preferences, we’ve not merely endured but flourished. Charles Darwin’s wisdom rings true—survival hinges not solely on strength or intellect but on our capacity to embrace change.

Peering into the future, the trajectory of the magazine industry remains tantalizingly unpredictable. Technological advancements will redefine the very essence of magazines, altering content delivery and reader engagement. Amid this flux, our commitment to evolution remains unwavering.

Alaska Business isn’t merely adapting; we’re pioneering. Skillfully navigating the digital terrain, we leverage our website, digital edition, social media platforms, newsletters, and multimedia channels to forge deeper connections with our audience.

As we embark on this expedition into uncharted territory, one truth shines brightly—Alaska Business transcends being just a magazine; it’s a testament to innovation, resilience, and the enduring spirit of transformation. With each passing day, we embrace change driven by our steadfast dedication to serving you. After all, Alaska is not just our business; it’s our mission and passion.

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Charles Bell

Vice President of Sales & Marketing