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Alaska Business Business Profile
Arcticom, LLC
Cutting Edge Communications and IT Solutions

rom a mom-and-pop business to a leading wireless communication provider, Arcticom, LLC has experienced a remarkable transformation in its ten years as an active subsidiary of Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC). When it was acquired by BSNC in 2013, Arcticom was supplying high-end radio solutions. Under BSNC’s guidance, the company has expanded its technology offerings and financial capabilities, solidifying its position as an industry leader. “We’ve accomplished a lot in ten years; we have grown Arcticom more than 100 times larger,” says Arcticom General Manager Bruce Hellenga. “It feels awesome.”

Being part of BSNC unlocks significant advantages that enable Arcticom to achieve its mission of providing cutting-edge wireless technology that boosts productivity and exceeds customer expectations. BSNC’s financial backing allows Arcticom to expand its strategic capacity to complete larger projects. Hellenga explains: “Because we have several subsidiaries, we have bigger reach-back capabilities where we can use employees and assets from other companies to get work done.”

With its diverse capabilities, Arcticom serves clients in various industries, including oil and gas, construction, and mining. Its offerings encompass network engineering, data center design, radio systems, hardware and software integration, and maintenance services. Arcticom also supplies best-in-class equipment to support the unique requirements of first responder networks like FirstNet and E911.

Partnering with industry leaders like Motorola and AT&T allows Arcticom to provide the latest technology—which can be critical for optimizing cellphone service and internet connectivity. “Technologies change rapidly, so you have to surround yourself with people who can keep up,” Hellenga says. “For example, 5G doesn’t penetrate concrete and metal buildings very well, so you have to in antenna systems to better coverage.”

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Boasting an impressive por tfolio of federal government contracts, Arcticom serves agencies like the US Air Force, Department of Justice, General Services Administration, and US Census Bureau. Arcticom is proud to be a Small Business Administration 8(a) certified contractor with exceptional ratings and commendations for its performance. Safety is also paramount, which is why Arcticom begins every meeting with a safety moment.
Hellenga attributes Arcticom’s ability to deliver efficient, competitively priced work to its skilled work force, which is supported through ongoing training. In addition, Arcticom stands by its work. “If something goes wrong, we fix it at our expense,” Hellenga says.

This commitment to excellence fosters “trusting relationships” that generate repeat—and word-of-mouth—business from companies that value honesty and a strong work ethic. “They know we’re going to do the work, at a fair price, and to their satisfaction,” Hellenga explains.

As a for-profit, Alaska Native-owned business, Arcticom has a broader purpose: to develop capabilities that benefit its company and shareholders. “We like to be able to enhance communications and IT systems—especially in our region,” Hellenga says. “If there’s an opportunity to make rural communities a better place for shareholders to sustain their culture, we want to provide that.”

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Arcticom, LLC
Bruce Hellenga, General Manager
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