Winners Advertise with the Best
By Janis J. Plume, Senior Account Manager

Summer in Alaska is a sacred time. Perhaps you’ll take the time to be out on the river fishing at your favorite spot, waving a stick at the fish. How can you ensure your business is still working for you when you’ve swapped your slacks for waders? One solid solution is to advertise in the popular Best of Alaska Business awards issue. Here are four great reasons to run an ad in July’s Alaska Business magazine:

Stay Visible During Summer: Winning businesses stay visible all year long—they don’t take the summer off. Keep your business top-of-mind (maybe your competitor is snoozing in a hammock, but you shouldn’t be!).

July’s Magazine is a Reader Favorite: Readers want to know who the Best of Alaska Business winners are since our readers voted for them. July’s magazine is now one of our most popular issues, and this year we’ll honor more than 100 winners in thirty-plus categories.

A Highly Targeted Audience: We deliver the audience you need to reach: business owners, C-suite executives, management, all decision-makers in charge of buying decisions. Our readers are astute, affluent, influential, and most importantly, they make informed decisions.

Consistent Management: Tom Landry, the first head coach of the Dallas Cowboys (1960-1988), once said, “The secret to winning is constant, consistent management.” Landry’s words ring true with us at Alaska Business. We care about your advertising as much as you do, and we promise we will handle your ad message professionally.

Before setting your fishing and camping dates, get your marketing plan in place. Ad space in July’s Best of Alaska Business issue closes May 20, 2022. Don’t wait for your competitor to take the winning position—carpe diem and schedule your campaign today!

Janis J. Plume smiling in a suit against a white background
A smile is worth a thousand words
Before joining Alaska Business, Janis was a ‘jack of all trades’ in Alaskan advertising for over two decades, working at some of Alaska’s best ad agencies. While he is pretty capable with a camera and loves photography and graphic art, he’s quick to say, “I’m not a graphic designer, and I don’t play one on TV.” He is, however, pretty handy at working one on one with clients seeking advertising solutions in Alaska Business. Janis is a product of the UAA JPC program and believes the pursuit of knowledge and professionalism are lifelong endeavors. When not helping advertisers, Janis celebrates his love for fish and music with a guitar in one hand and a fly rod in the other.
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