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Construction in Alaska
Brick by brick, pour by pour, rivet by rivet, nail by nail—builders get it done. In advance of construction season, Alaska Business shines a spotlight on the industry that leaves its mark in concrete, asphalt, steel, and wood.

“Construction Roundup 2023” presents an overview of infrastructure projects that are finishing this year or are scheduled to begin. The roads, bridges, airports, and waterfront projects range in size from a couple million dollars to hundreds of millions. “Terminal Conditioning” highlights one particular airport project: a renovation by Northern Pacific Airways as the start-up prepares to launch intercontinental flights through Anchorage later this year. And “Community Transportation Infrastructure” looks at a pedestrian stairway in Cordova and the Sitka Sea Walk among other projects funded by the state’s Community Transportation Program and Transportation Alternative Program.

Specialists in Arctic construction share tricks of their trade in “Out in the Cold,” examining techniques and materials for adapting structures to Alaska’s most extreme conditions. That’s one of the niches that contractors have filled; “Honing In” explores others, such as Alaska Roof Restorations’ method for extending the lifespan of flat roofs, STG’s expertise in remote tower installation, and the hyper-specialized fabrication going on in Palmer at Triverus and TriJet.

Finally, a simple change to Anchorage’s land use code will have major effects on future building. The city wiped away its mandate for minimum parking areas, in hopes of stimulating new housing construction and commercial redevelopment, or possibly reshaping entire neighborhoods around transportation alternatives.

As hammers start pounding, flaggers start flagging, and heavy equipment starts rumbling and beeping, this section serves as a reminder of the hard work that goes into a construction project while envisioning the end product that makes the work meaningful.