men standing by Dalton Refrigeration semi truck
men standing by Dalton Refrigeration semi truck
Dalton Refrigeration
Don’t Lose Your Cool

n Alaska’s transport refrigeration equipment market, Dalton Refrigeration offers a distinctive and all-inclusive solution. The Anchorage company sells, rents, services, and repairs various transport refrigeration systems for over-the-road refrigerated trailers and box trucks. Dalton Refrigeration has 10- to 53-foot refrigerated containers that customers can utilize at its facility or have delivered to their own location statewide. These special containers can keep contents -20˚F to 80˚F, depending on whether customers require a chilled or heated environment.

Dalton Refrigeration is proud to be the Alaska authorized distributor for Thermo King, the global leader in temperature control systems for transport vehicles. Besides selling their high-quality equipment, the company has temperature-controlled trailers and containers with electric standby available for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals.

Dalton Refrigeration’s service is the backbone of Alaska’s food industry as it’s often used by restaurants to preserve meat, produce, and other perishables. However, the company’s temperature-controlled units are also employed by various other organizations, from oil and gas companies to seafood processors, flower farms, and morgues. Currently, Dalton Refrigeration is expanding its personal-class containers to address the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. For example, it offers mobile freezers that are ideal for caterers that require cold storage for short-term usage. “We’ve always focused on the big equipment, but now we can help mom and pops,” says owner Dallas Dalton. “We want to make people’s lives easier.”

Leasing and Repair
With its leasing option, Dalton Refrigeration essentially serves as a one-stop logistics company; it orchestrates the equipment planning, delivery, and everything in between. This often necessitates customizing solutions to fit customers’ needs and budget. “You can go to one company and get everything done,” Dalton explains. “Come to us with an idea, and we’ll make it a reality.”

Customers can depend on Dalton Refrigeration to maintain and repair all of the equipment it sells and leases. And if a piece of rented equipment cannot be repaired, the company will replace it. Dalton Refrigeration’s mobile service gives customers the added peace of mind of knowing a technician will be available 24/7/365 if there’s ever a problem. When clients call, email, or text, Dalton Refrigeration responds promptly—even if it means driving more than 300 miles from Anchorage to Tok to handle an early-morning repair. “Your produce can’t wait a day,” Dalton says.

Prioritizing Quality and Relationships
To maintain its professional edge, Dalton Refrigeration concentrates its efforts primarily in one area: transport refrigeration. That means the company doesn’t spread itself too thin or accept work it doesn’t have the expertise to perform effectively. “We’re focused on being the best in our industry,” Dalton says.

Dalton Refrigeration also applies an authentic approach to doing business and building enduring client relationships. “We don’t come and go; we’re going to be there forever,” Dalton explains. “Our future plan is to continue with the quality of work we are currently doing—to not lose track of what we do and how we got here. We want people to know we are here to help.”

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