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"AlaskaBusiness Business Profile"
The Lynden Family of Companies
Connecting the entire state of Alaska

he Lynden family of companies provides an array of transportation and logistics solutions that connect Alaska communities with the supplies they need by air, land, and sea. As a truly multimodal enterprise, Lynden focuses on delivering a high level of services to more than 100 Alaska communities— including remote North Slope Borough villages like Kaktovik. “We serve all regions of Alaska,” says Lynden Air Cargo President Scott Hicks, a 26-year Lynden veteran. “There are few parts of the state that we do not provide service.”

Lynden cargo plane being loaded
Lynden serves Alaska’s core industries, including energy, seafood, mining, construction, retail, and manufacturing. Its companies have the expertise, equipment, and other resources to help organizations meet Alaska’s unique geographical challenges. As such, Lynden is well-equipped to help customers—whether they are small individual clients, large industrial businesses, or government entities— successfully transport everything from groceries and cars to oversized construction materials.

For instance, Lynden Air Cargo offers scheduled and on-demand flights with L-382 Hercules aircraft that can carry up to 48,000 pounds of freight and, if necessary, operate on unpaved runways and shorter airstrips in remote locations. Lynden Transport has an extensive trucking network throughout Alaska and to the Lower 48. And Lynden’s marine transportation company, Alaska Marine Lines, employs tugs and barges to bring supplies to towns and villages along Alaska’s vast coastline.

"Many of Lynden’s 1,000 Alaska-based employees reside and shop in the communities where they work, and they know Lynden’s customers."
Lynden’s companies provide customers with flexible solutions for meeting their unique and complex needs. Hicks explains: “Often times, there are different ways to accomplish the mission; then it boils down to timing. We try to offer both economical and time-sensitive options.”

Lynden is also extremely customer-focused when it comes to completing projects.

This translates into taking a can-do approach to solving challenging assignments. “We’re not accustomed to saying no; we are yes people here,” Hicks says.

Hicks ascribes much of Lynden’s success to its focus on customers, diverse service offerings, response to complex challenges, ability to thrive in difficult times, and having great partners. In fact, Lynden often relies on its partners, which include customers, to execute efficient and successful transportation services. Having amazing employees—who are the very core of Lynden— has also been critical to its century of success. Many of Lynden’s 1,000 Alaska-based employees reside and shop in the communities where they work, and they know Lynden’s customers. “This translates into better service and people who really care about getting the job done,” Hicks says. “We are vested into the communities, and I think that helps drive the success of the organization.”

Lynden’s customer-driven, quality-focused approach to providing transportation services permeates all its enterprises. “We want to provide the highest value to our customers,” Hicks says. “We are 100 percent committed to Alaska, our customers, and employees.”

Lynden’s companies offer multi-modal transportation and logistics solutions in Alaska, Canada, the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and around the world. Contact Lynden to learn more about how your organization can leverage these capabilities.

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