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Alaska Business Business Profile
Bowhead Transport Company
We Are of the Sea
“We Are of the Sea” is more than an idiosyncratic tagline for Bowhead Transport; it conveys the unique expertise that has distinguished the company’s nearly forty years of service in Alaska. Bowhead Transport has a profound understanding of the sea and Alaska’s environment, which translates into specialized transportation solutions for its clients. “Our management team all come from the marine industry,” says Chris Palle, who directs Strategic Planning and Business Development. “They are dedicated professionals who know the Alaskan seas and the marine business.”

A subsidiary of Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC), Bowhead Transport uses its expertise, experience, and technologically advanced marine vessels to move freight statewide—including completing extremely shallow water operations and beach landings in remote regions of Alaska. The Anchorage-based company transports cargo, equipment, and other goods for customers in a variety of industries, such as the federal government, construction, environmental, science, technology, and oil and gas. Bowhead Transport is passionate about providing marine transportation solutions that meet clients’ unique needs. “We believe in what we are doing, this brand, and the energy behind it,” Palle says. “This is something we truly enjoy.”

polar bear with shipping boat behind it
Photo by James Williams
Bowhead Transport also relishes offering comprehensive support solutions, such as hotel ship/project support and other specialized charter services. These additional services range from planning and logistics for coastal projects to the mobilization of equipment and supplies into isolated sites. For example, Bowhead Transport’s hotel and dining services offer clients an expedited base of operations to begin their near shore or upland project. “It allows them to immediately get to work, rather than trying to set up camps, housing, and everything else associated with working in a remote area,” Palle explains.

While operating in a remote site can be challenging for clients, Bowhead is well equipped to lend broad project support. This often entails leveraging the capabilities of other UIC subsidiaries to provide a turnkey solution from start to finish. As an Alaskan Native Corporation and Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) certified business, Bowhead Transport can offer unique, flexible, and streamlined sole-source procurement options to its government customers.

Whether providing marine transportation or project support, Bowhead Transport adheres to their official policy: We never use the word “impossible.” There is always a creative solution—even for the most challenging situation. Along with maintaining a can-do business philosophy, Bowhead Transport focuses on improving services and building client relationships while developing its presence statewide. The company is enhancing services on the North Slope to meet the growing needs of Arctic businesses, which will also support a key long-term goal: taking its brand of service to the entire Pacific. “A big part of our planning in developing these regions of Alaska is to further expand our knowledge and expertise in remote areas,” Palle says. “That understanding will allow us to go anywhere Pacific wide and recreate the model we specialize in here in Alaska.”

Regardless of where customers are located, Bowhead Transport is committed to providing quality services to help them achieve their goals.

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Chris Palle,
Strategic Planning and Business Development
6700 Arctic Spur Road
Anchorage, Alaska 99518
(907) 677-5262
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