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nless something moves, it stays put. Yes, that’s a rather trite observation about transportation, but give me a break. I’m a can.

Hello! My name is JGB, and I’m hosting this month’s special section. I realize it’s a little unusual for a ginger beer to present articles about transportation, but if anyone could do the job, I can.

Get it?

My story speaks for itself. All of my ingredients and packaging had to be transported to my birthplace, the Broken Tooth Brewery in Anchorage. From there, I had to be transported to a store shelf. And when I’m recycled, I go back onto trucks, ships, and trains to begin my new life. More than once, people told me they don’t believe aluminum recycling happens in Anchorage. Well, not with that attitude!

But enough about me. This isn’t advertising. “Reefers on Ice” also illustrates how the logistics industry puts products on store shelves, in this case seafood. Speaking of fish, Remora is a hot new startup company that aims to revolutionize logistics by using every sliver of space aboard air carriers. I suppose it’s like online dating for cargo and passengers, or “Logistics Matchmaking.”

Now, I know something about planes; I was aircraft aluminum in a previous life. But one thing about aviation that I was surprised to learn is that Birchwood Airport in Chugiak handles about 200 flight operations every day. Not exactly Van Nuys (the busiest general aviation airport in the country), but pretty busy, especially for being just off the Glenn Highway. “Urban Aviation” looks into why Anchorage has so many airstrips.

Just as the transportation sector props up the ginger beer industry (and other industries, I guess), the haulers themselves get a hand from vehicle designers and builders. “Truck and Trailer Tailors” visits some shops that trick out rides for commercial customers. In fact, there’s so much vehicle customization that it explodes outside of this special section, in “Living on the Road,” which is about RV rentals, and “Bespoke Boats,” which is about unicycles. Or is it? Read on and find out.

Now, as we say in my business, drink up!