Alaska Native Corporations Featured in September Issue
By Christine Merki, Account Manager

efore Richard Nixon left the presidential offi ce in disgrace in 1974, his administration gave us a gift that keeps on giving to all Alaskans.

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 allowed Alaska Natives to take ownership of their land, and in turn, earn money for their shareholders—and by no small measure—contribute to the overall health of Alaska’s economy for now 50 years.

Alaska Native Corporations continue to grow. ANCs have always found a way to synchronize their economic goals with the marketplace. ANC’s are committed to growth and sharing dividends with their shareholders through business ventures inside Alaska and outside. ANCs seek to develop Alaska’s natural resources while also keeping an eye on the horizon for economic opportunities outside of Alaska. Case in point, Doyon’s ongoing exploration for minerals globally and Sealaska’s involvement in installing renewable energy systems for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)—both prime examples of expanding horizons.

The upcoming September issue of Alaska Business magazine will pay tribute to Alaska Native Corporations, where we’ll take note of their contributions to our economy. It’s the least we can do. After all, look at what the ANCs have done for Alaskans. Out of the forty-nine Alaska companies on the 2020 Alaska Business Top 49ers list, twenty-fi ve were ANCs and they reported nearly $15 Billion in revenue. ANCs also employ tens of thousands of people in Alaska and throughout the world.

If you do business with Alaska Native Corporations now or want to in the future, you’ll want to advertise in this edition of the magazine. Ad space for the September magazine closes July 20. Contact us for rates and to reserve your space.

Christine Merki, Account Manager
Christine has worked in Anchorage media for almost 20 years. Her writing talents have earned her top honors as a recipient of the Alaska Broad-casters Association Goldie Awards. Her sales and marketing skills have helped countless clients connect with their target audience to achieve annual goals. She unapologetically lures clients in with her homemade raspberry jam and lives with her salmon slaying beau and a ferocious cat named Maggie.
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