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Remembering Our Mission
Kathryn Mackenzie


riting this letter, this month, at this time in history is difficult. How do I write about whether we’re all enjoying the long, languid days of an Alaska summer at a time when the nation is engulfed in fear and anxiety? From COVID-19 to rioting in the streets, and news that, yes, we’ve officially entered a recession, it’s been a tough 2020 so far, and none of us knows what’s next.

Our stated mission at Alaska Business is to “promote economic growth in the state by providing a thorough and objective discussion and analysis of the issues and trends affecting Alaska’s business sector.

“We feature stories about individuals, organizations, and companies that shape the Alaska economy.”

In practical terms that means our end goal is to provide our readers with information that supports the growth of a strong economy so that all Alaskans have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Whether that’s opening a corner hot dog stand or exploring for oil, we want to help lift up the communities we live and work in so every person—no matter age, sex, or race—is happy, healthy, and safe.

Yes, passing along information is important, but we are also deeply invested in profiling and championing the vast range of brilliant minds and extraordinary talent in this state. We are here because Alaska’s business owners, workers, and clients form a tightly-knit community that succeeds because we can count on each other.

No community can call itself “good” if it turns a blind eye to the abuse of any of its population. We know, as Alaskans, when things get really hard—the storm comes in, the boat breaks down, or darkness falls early—making it through is a lot easier if you’ve got a community looking out for you. We encourage all of our readers to look within to determine if you’re looking out for your neighbor. If ever there was a time, it’s now.

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Kathryn Mackenzie
Managing Editor, Alaska Business