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wned by husband-and-wife team Ken Miller and Raynell (Qaniigix) Gould, Denali Fundraising & Grant Consultants has been helping nonprofits solve community needs since 2014. Miller and Gould are passionate about employing their diverse leadership, deep roots in Alaska, and specialized expertise to help a variety of organizations acquire federal, state, municipal, or foundation funding.

Miller, Denali Fundraising’s president, is an African American who moved to the state in 1975 and a graduate of Anchorage’s Bartlett High School and Dartmouth College. “I grew up in Alaska and know the lay of the land, and I teach clients the best practices of successful fundraising,” says Miller, recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Professional in Philanthropy award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Alaska Chapter. “I have worked with more than 100 nonprofits over the past seven years.”

Gould, vice president of grants, is an Alaska Native enrolled in the Agdaagux Tribe of King Cove. Her intimate knowledge of grants and Native culture were instrumental to her clients receiving $10 million in awards over the past five years. “Being Alaska Native and working with tribal entities for over nineteen years, I have experience in knowing how to relate and respectfully interact with tribal communities,” she says.

Comprehensive Consulting Services
Anchorage-based Denali Fundraising offers hands-on training to help organizations achieve sustainable fundraising results through multiple channels. The training typically encompasses using an annual calendar and dashboard, making effective organizational funding requests, direct mail best practices, digital and online fundraising, and branding and promotion. Miller conducts up to twenty-five workshops nationwide each year, applying a detailed, tactical approach to provide powerful solutions. “My job is predominantly to teach you to fish,” says Miller, who has a penchant for infusing humor and fun into training sessions. “I love what I do, and I love what I have to offer my clients.”

On the grant side, Denali Fundraising manages all facets of grant seeking, writing, evaluation, management, and reporting. Whether nonprofits and tribal entities need a foundation grant or a complex, 100-page federal grant that takes months to write, Denali Fundraising’s team can facilitate the entire process. Many clients begin with the firm’s research services to identify the best funding opportunities and get assistance later with managing their grant—which is critical. “If you don’t manage it correctly the first year, you may not get funding in subsequent years,” Gould says.

Expanding on Success
Denali Fundraising has created a successful business through its strong reputation, high integrity, top-notch services—and the strength of its owners’ loving and synergistic relationship. In the future, the firm will build on that success to expand its grant-related services. In particular, this will entail helping Alaska Native or tribal organizations pursue funds through the American Rescue Plan Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. “I want to be part of giving back and helping my own people,” Gould says.

Denali Fundraising also offers database cleanup, presentations, acquisition mail lists, website design, and other services for nonprofits. For more details, call (907) 250-8488 or visit

Denali Fundraising & Grant Consultants
Denali Fundraising & Grant Consultants
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Ken Miller, President
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