Copywriting for Advertisers
5 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Game
Charles Bell headshot
By Charles Bell, Vice President of Sales


riting content for marketing is different from writing editorial content. All marketing content needs to be boiled down to its essence. Copy for print advertising is even more limited, so you have to capture and captivate your audience immediately.

If the goal of your advertising is strictly to build brand awareness, the copy might be limited to a headline to evoke a certain feeling. However, if your advertising is designed to promote a specific service or product, copywriting is even more critical.

Here are five tips to up your advertising game and deliver stronger content.

1.Strong headlines gain attention. Typically five to six words, or preferably less. Tie the headline to the visuals or make it stand on its own.

2.Let’s K.I.S.S! Simply stated, “Keep It Simple Stupid!” Your ad is not a novel.

3.Answer the “what’s in it for me” question. How does what you provide make somebody’s life better or easier?

4.Wishy-washy words suck! For example, a testimonial that says, “Working with Tom at ABC was amazing” doesn’t say much. It’s more impactful to say, “Working with Tom at ABC resulted in a 25% gain in profitability and reduced downtime by 10%.”

5.Have a call to action. Tell people what you want them to do; don’t make them guess! For example, “Discover our hotel loyalty program and earn 5,000 airline miles. Call today.”

Following these tips will make your advertising better. Strong copywriting coupled with dynamic imagery will deliver your advertising message in a more impactful way.



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