Jim Campbell, PND Engineers, Inc
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Jim Campbell, President, PND Engineers, Inc
PND Engineers, Inc.
Comprehensive Engineering and Design Excellence since 1979

ith more than a 40-year history, PND Engineers, Inc. has distinguished itself as one of Alaska’s finest locally grown engineering firms. Founded in 1979 and incorporated in 1981 as Peratrovich, Nottingham & Drage, Inc., PND has more than 100 full-time employees and multiple offices, including three in Alaska (Anchorage, Juneau, Palmer), three in the Lower 48, and one in Canada. A multidisciplinary civil engineering company, PND provides planning, design, permitting, and construction support for civil infrastructure projects such as docks, roads, airfields, and buildings. Its projects encompass many specialized areas of practice, such as structural design, geotechnical and environmental studies, hydrology and hydraulics, coastal engineering, and survey.

“We also specialize in Arctic and cold regions engineering and waterfront engineering for dock and harbors,” says President Jim Campbell, PE. Many of PND’s projects are in remote coastal areas and across the North Slope. “Those specialty areas are what set us apart.”

Focusing on Clients
PND takes pride in its hard-earned reputation for client satisfaction. Employee-owned and -op-erated, PND has a unique business perspective and approach to assisting clients—whether it’s working on ConocoPhillips’ large Willow development or helping a smaller business such as Alaska Sausage and Seafood. Each design solution is individually tailored. “It’s knowing what their needs are and making sure we serve that,” Campbell says. “We’re constantly striving to provide excellent work.”

PND’s focus on clients and design excellence has played a major factor in its success—so, too, has its ability to keep up with technological changes and retain skilled employees, half of whom are professionally licensed engineers or surveyors. “We really value our employees; there’s a lot of loyalty there, and it’s reciprocated,” Campbell says. “So, you build a staff camaraderie and an important expertise base. The quality of our service is rooted in the expertise of our employees.”

Growth, Diversification, and Innovation
PND’s success is fueled by growth, diversification, and innovation. Over the past 20 years, PND’s work has expanded in the Lower 48 and internationally, including designing cruise terminal facilities in the Caribbean, or docks in Canada, and marine terminals in Washington, Louisiana, and the Philippines. PND prioritizes innovation, which makes the company popular with construction contractors for teaming on design-build projects. “You can’t be complacent; you have to adapt and refine your designs,” Campbell says.

PND has accumulated many awards and recognition for its achievements. Campbell quoted a client’s thank-you letter regarding a recently completed project in Northwest Alaska: “It is a huge testimony to you and your staff that all of this project came together… This was an operationally important, costly, highly visible and politically sensitive project, and we are very glad to have had PND as a partner on it… It seems almost miraculous to me that we were able to make it all come together into a finished product, on time and within the tight budget and other constraints we had to work with.”

“That type of client response is what we are looking for on every project,” Campbell notes.

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