The “New” Gig
The Flex Workforce
Written by Paula Bradison, CEO PeopleAK

n several recent surveys and publications, it is well documented that business owners are searching for creative and unique staffing solutions. Examples include flexible work schedules, remote work, and job sharing, to name a few. In Alaska, this challenge is seasonally amplified. While employers grapple with staffing challenges, it’s important to recognize the significant benefit that temporary staffing offers to employers and employees alike.

Construction and maritime workers know this on-again and off-again “gig” all too well. Many look for a paying “gig” during winter to keep them busy and provide extra cash. Similarly, in the summer months, teachers work as tour operators. This is not a new concept, so why are employers continuing to hesitate to hire contingent staff based on “job hopping” or “being overqualified?”

Employers – Why not hire who you need for the duration of the need? At PeopleAK, we’ve had positive feedback from clients who were unsure about the quality of contingency staffing but have not looked back once we provided them with exceptional staff.

Employees – Look for a job that meets your unique skill set and provides a steady income until the assignment is completed. These assignments offer experiences with exceptional employers, flexibility, and a team of recruiters at PeopleAK who are ready to address any concerns. Our contingency staff love their work and their clients.

table highlights different roles and responsibilities of the employee and employer
Employees are drawn to many of the perks of contingency work: creativity, feedback, and pay. These positions can lead to a mutually beneficial professional relationship between the employer and the employee. Employers must prepare for the “gig” worker with quality onboarding, orientation, and training. Access to highly qualified employees is now much greater through contingent staffing. The “gig” worker is not looking for promotion; they want to be good at what they do, build their skills, and take pride in doing an amazing job for the client.

The thought of providing flexibility in your staffing can seem overwhelming. It is also clear that the old way of managing recruitment isn’t working. The shortage in the workforce is driving demand, but so is a heightened awareness of the employee experience. Focusing on the immediate problem and brainstorming staffing needs before recruitment is the best path forward.

Paula Bradison, CEO
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Paula Bradison
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