It’s All in Your Hands

don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say print is here to stay. I’ll admit that I may be a little biased because I am fortunate to work for the best B2B print publication in Alaska. Some of you may be reading this in our exceptional digital edition (digital.akbizmag.com), but many of you are holding our physical, print magazine in your hands to browse this issue.

Combining print magazine advertising with digital options is powerful, and research shows it. Alaska Business continues to evolve, offering creative ways for clients to target their message through a combination of print advertising, responsive digital ads, Spotlight Digital Profiles (akbizmag.com/spotlights/), the weekly Monitor, (digital.akbizmag.com/media-kit-2024/#newsletters) and Industry (akbizmag.com/industry/) banner ads on our website. We also have live event sponsorship opportunities and use social media to connect our readers with us, other businesses, and with you.

According to Top Media Advertising, getting high-quality print design in front of the right audience will do much more than plastering your social feeds with content.

  • Combining magazine advertising and digital ads will make online campaigns 400% more effective.
  • With print advertising, you get a higher chance of undivided attention. You’re fighting for milliseconds of a fleeting impression in the digital world.
  • Print advertising is a trusted way to boost brand recognizability and it can amp up the effectiveness of your digital campaign.
  • A substantial benefit of magazine advertisements is that they offer a specifically targeted audience.
  • Magazine advertisements allow for a spotlight on your product or service and have few limits on creativity.

Tonya Powers, Director of Marketing Production at Print Solutions, writes in Adweek that “print can play a strong role in any multichannel campaign. And in many cases, it can outperform digital channels because, as recent research indicates, the human brain does a lot better with information that’s presented in a physical format.”

Ask your Alaska Business account manager to show you how to get your brand in front of our audience with our print and digital options. It’s all in your hands.

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Christine Merki has worked in Anchorage media for more than twenty years. Her sales and marketing skills help clients connect with their target audience and meet their annual goals. She unapologetically lures clients in with her homemade raspberry jam and enjoys pickleball, hot yoga, and Pilates.
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