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Scouting, Recruiting, Retaining, and Engaging
People at Work — We’ve Got Your Back

t PeopleAK, “We’ve Got Your Back” is more than a company slogan. It embodies a deep commitment to be the “B-Team” to clients’ A-Team to enhance their business. “We make sure clients recruit the right team and they shine,” says CEO Paula Bradison, a fourth generation Alaskan. “And that’s when we see our clients become more successful and profitable.”

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PeopleAK delivers an array of solutions that support businesses through the entire employee lifecycle. These services include scouting and active recruitment, onboarding support, coaching, team development, soft skills training, and strategic planning. “We can hire employees all day long, but if they’re not sufficiently onboarded and engaged, we have not done our job,” Bradison says. “We want to usher clients through all the best practices to identify, recruit, and retain the best employees.”

PeopleAK helps clients communicate their strategic goals in a meaningful way that motivates employees to engage in supportive actions. This involves using position-specific performance indicators to give workers detailed feedback on how their activities relate to achieving these objectives. The better performing companies measure employee engagement, which is about production—not feelings, according to Bradison.

PeopleAK is the product of the 2016 merger of two successful Bradison companies: Alaska Executive Search, established in 1977, and Bradison Management Group, founded in 2012. With forty-plus years of experience, PeopleAK is distinctly qualified to empower employers with the right people and business strategy to grow their operation.

Over the years, PeopleAK has applied a multi-disciplinary, boutique approach to solidify its presence in Alaska. It has twelve local employees and more than forty contractors and temporary staff working strategically to help clients succeed. The company’s hand-picked industry experts are highly skilled; some possess more than twenty years of real-world experience in their specific field. Recently, PeopleAK onboarded a senior-level professional trainer to offer clients soft skills and sales training, sales planning, and even an instant sales team if they need it. “We augment that with a level of accountability by bringing an objective resource in the room,” Bradison says.

Along with its extensive expertise and active involvement in the market, PeopleAK offers clientd well researched data and proven processes to meet their individual needs. PeopleAK’s ability to build long-lasting rel ationships combined with its multi-disciplinary approach also enables clients to make important business connecti ons . Bradison explains, “We are uniquely positioned to help foster introductions of people and processes that strengthen companies.”

PeopleAK is committed to the communities and companies it serves in Alaska and the Lower 48. “We are your go-to team to support and propel your business forward,” Bradison says.

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